How to build muscle fast?

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Hey guys, I wanna build muscle up fast, I would like to know how to build up my biceps, triceps, abdominal muscles and pecs. I have been doing 40 dumbelcurls each arm with 5kg more
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  • noone answered 4 years ago
consume more protein. your muscles can't grow without the right fuel. You may not even be doing the exercises properly. There is no set number, you just do them untill you can't do anymore. To gain size you do fewer reps and more weight. For size, the muscle needs to fail at 8-10 reps. If you can possibly squeeze out one more after that you need to use a heavier weight. ab exercises are a do-as-many-as-you-can type exercise.
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  • Mary answered 2 weeks ago
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  • ? answered 3 weeks ago
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  • Jay answered 4 years ago
    heavier weights less reps and eat more. if your trying to pack on muscle you need to eat like it and lift till failure. 40 reps is way too much unless ur dividing them into 10 reps a set and that is pushing you. you should be seeing results after two weeks so i suggest you over haul your current plan and dont worry so much about the "abdominal" exercises working because more than likely you have muscle under there you just cant see it yet.. throw in some high intensity interval training will get the job done and make u lean and ripped 4 sho.

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  • Reilly answered 4 years ago
    Eat lots of protein and make sure you are getting enough carbs. Also, if you want to have your muscle show YOU MUST DO CARDIO. Lifting the weights at a quicker pace- but not using momentum- helps build muscle quicker. You may also want to stretch between every set as it helps the muscles recover quicker and then tear again when you perform the next set. You must always perform at least two sets of each exercise to see results
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  • Connor P answered 4 years ago
    Masturbation, and steroids.
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