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Can you translate this into Japanese Kanji please?

Hello, Im getting a tattoo and want it to be in Japanese Kanji saying: "Forbidden Love"

Can you please translate this into Kanji please? Thank you.

Update 2:

There are so many different answers with different Kanji symbols. Which one do i pick? Or can i pick any of them cuz they all mean the same in a different form?

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    Kanji is not enough to state Japanese. We need hiragana and katakana.

    Forbidden love is 禁断の愛 in Japanese. You need one hiragana.

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    Well, here's the thing. Not all Japanese words can be written in Kanji, you must be confusing it with Chinese. The correst way to put it is, "how to translate into Japanese with kanji, hiragana, and katakana." It's said those who don't sleep confuse reality with dream 寝ない者は夢と現実を困惑すると言われる。 Pronunciation: ne-na-i mo-no-wa yu-me-to gen-ji-tsu-wo kon-wa-ku-su-ru-to i-wa-le-lu. Literally: Sleep don't ones is dream and reality the confuse do to be said. Notice I used "l" instead of the "r" sound because Japanese doesn't have the "r" tongue. Even if the romanji said "ra" or "re" or something else, read it as if it's an "l" at the beggining.

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    "禁断の愛 : Kindan no Ai" sounds more appropriate in this usage.

    I can't grammatically explain why 禁物 is not good, how ever it doesn't sound poetic. 禁断 sounds something more fatal.


    There's no Japanese expression 禁愛, it's a word of coinege, or possibly a title of a novel.

    It sounds for me, something like "no smoking", "no parking", and "no love", sort of tings.

    It sound more like "Love affair and sexual activityies are prohibited in this area.", rather than "Forbidden Love".

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    禁断之愛 or


    If you really need only Kanji characters for the wording.

    禁愛 means nothing, just awkward.

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    kindan no koi

    forbidden love

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    禁断之愛 or


    If you really need only Kanji characters for the wording.

    禁愛 means nothing, just awkward

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    禁断の愛 or 禁断愛

    禁断(kindan = forbidden) 愛(ai = love)

    Source(s): Japanese national
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    It literally means, "Prohibited love."

    Pronounced "kinmotsu ai"

    "Kinmotsu" meaning "FORBIDDEN",

    and "Ai" meaning "LOVE".

    Kinmotsu (Forbidden) = 禁物

    Ai (Love)= 愛

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