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What Sort of Emergency Will President Obama Need to Cancel Elections, Until Further Notice?

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    The question dealt with cancellation of elections but one member feels the need to inject racist remarks into the discussion. So, whenever you brush off charges of racism, remember the comment below, totally uncalled for and off the subject.

    "Your talking Obama the Magic Negr0, he can make anything happen just ask him"

    Good question. Authority is delegated to Congress and not the president:

    Because of the fear of possible terrorist attacks which could be directed at

    election facilities or voters in the States just prior to or during the elections in a

    presidential election year, attention has been directed at the possibility/authority to

    postpone, cancel or reschedule an election for federal office. The United States

    Constitution does not provide in express language any current authority for a federal

    official or institution to “postpone” an election for federal office. While the

    Constitution does expressly devolve upon the States the primary authority to

    administer within their respective jurisdictions elections for federal office, there

    remains within the Constitution a residual and superceding authority in the Congress

    over most aspects of congressional elections (Article I, Section 5, clause 1), and an

    express authority in Congress over at least the timing of the selections of presidential

    electors in the States (Article II, Section 1, clause 4). Under this authority Congress

    has legislated a uniform date for presidential electors to be chosen in the States, and

    a uniform date for congressional elections across the country, which are to be on the

    Tuesday immediately following the first Monday in November in the particular,

    applicable even-numbered election years.

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    There has to be some sort of national security issue or war to cancel elections until further notice.

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    Obama sees the writing on the wall, he knows he will be a one term president if he allows things to proceed as they are I have no doubt he and his cohorts in crime will concoct and\or create a state of emergency come election time. I honestly believe Obama plans on becoming the United States first Marxist dictator. Obama is DANGEROUS!!!!

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    The best thing you can do is vote out the parties and install independent politicians. My logic for this is that the political parties are already corrupted and controlled by these lobbyist institutions and with Independents in office it is harder for corporations to control the legislation and the politicians will not be able to hide as well as they do

    There are no lefties or righties just Democrat and Republicans, of course those numbers are shrinking. Independents, and other parties are slowly gaining, I figure in 10 years there will only be Independents and minority parities

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    The irony of your question; is that it was enacted under the Bush Administration by the Patriot Act; and majorly supported by the Republican Congress. This is why we have to be careful while in power; for what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

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    In his mind? A little thing like him losing... any chance of that, and he will crap all over the Constitution... well, even more than he normally does.

    So, I have a bad feeling he is definitely planning on taking a huge dump around early 2012... or late 2010, if the (R)'s take the majority...

    My suggestion? Stock up on all pertinent supplies... use your imagination.

    The 2nd Amendment will never be as important... not that it will exist by then...

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    If he did it today without any emergency and also appointed himself for 10 more terms, millions and millions of his supporters would be happy. Well, they are all complete morons, but still...

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    Can you say Ebola pandemic !

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    As far as I know he can't do that. But if he does I'm sure we'll find a way to get his bony @ss out of that white house!

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    You better hope he does because the next few elections are going to be really embarrassing to the do-nothing, obstructionist losers in the Republican party!

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