What happens in a strip search?

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hi i am going to jail soon i would prefer not too mention why but i was told that i woulddefinitelyy be getting a strip search i am a female can you please tell me what this consists ...show more
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they strip you naked and they violate you
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  • ? answered 4 years ago
    You remove, all your clothes, lift up your arms, open your mouth, run your fingers inside your gums (to ensure you don't have weapons or contraband), run your fingers through your hair (to ensure you aren't hiding weapons), lift up your breasts, squat and cough, and show the bottoms of your feet. Additionally, whatever clothes you are wearing at the time will be thoroughly searched.

    Don't worry a female officer will be doing all of this.


    corrections officer at a maximum security prison.
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  • Dr. Phil of sh!t answered 4 years ago
    Stop over i will show you.
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  • kellie answered 4 years ago
    a female warder will strip you and search all your nooks and crannies or something that sounds like crannies
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  • Bumble answered 4 years ago
    You will be required to remove all your clothing and the prison officers (female) will check any area of your body in which it is possible to hide something. I am trying to be as delicate as possible.
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