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Is Queensland still "Beautiful one day, Perfect the next "?

All I ever see on the news is Queensland flooded, over 80% of the state has been declared a disaster zone. When it's not rain and floods it's storms and cyclones, I think they should lose that slogan. I have compared other states and Perth and Adelaide has better weather than Queensland, lets not forget the Humidity in Queensland, Pheeewww!! either. I like Queensland but wouldn't say it's perfect everyday.

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    Queensland is a huge place I'm surprised about the 80% you mention. but such a lot of land inland is desert that has been so very dry for a long time the water doesn't soak down for ages so sits on top. I'm on the Coast and although we have had some hard rain recently it never lasts long and has made everything lush and green. i haven't seen any floods but I guess the odd field has had water sitting. I have lived in Perth and I love perth but I'm so glad I haven't had to put up with all those high temperatures you have been having . I choose to live in Queensland as I think the weather is perfect although yes we have had a few muggy humid days. . At the moment it is perfect here a small wind a bit of cloud but sleevless for sure. You get cyclones to the North of WA probably more than we get to the North of Queensland and when they come many of the Gold Fields there get flooded so the weather North is quite similar at both states. So neither of us have perfect weather everyday but over all I choose Queensland and love it.

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    How can you compare a couple of cities to a whole state?

    Do a fair comparison of the cities of Adelaide and Perth to the city of Brisbane and Brisbane's weather will win hands down every time.

    Spend March to October in Brisbane and you'll never want to live anywhere else.

    Spend a summer in Adelaide or Perth in 40°+ temperatures (Brisbane NEVER gets anything like that), and you'll be breaking your neck to get out!

    Brisbane has maybe a couple of weeks of high humidity in summer but the weather the rest of the time more than makes up for it. We NEVER get cyclones down here; we get a really bad storm only once in a few years and haven't had a widespread flood for 36 years - the current Queensland floods are in other parts of the state and most of them haven't had floods for decades.

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    Try living in Chicago where you can have 60 degree (F) temperature swings in a matter of hours and then complain. Queensland is fine.

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