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Beautiful Japanese girls names.. with meaning?

Please list some Japanese names (with pronunciation and meaning.. some names may have more than one meaning ...)

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    Akari - Light; brightness.

    Ayame - Iris.

    Azami - Word of the heart; thistle.

    Chiyo - A thousand sparkles; forever.

    Emiko - Child graced with beauty; smiling child.

    Hana - Flower; favorite.

    Harumi - Springtime beauty.

    Hatsumi - Beginning of beauty.

    Hinata - Sunny place; in the sun.

    Hitomi - Beautiful virtues; pupil of the eye.

    Hoshimi - Starlight.

    Izumi - Fountain; spring.

    Kaede - Maple.

    Hairi - Ocean village.

    Kana - Name of a demi-god.

    Karin - Pure.

    Kayoko - Child of a good generation.

    Kazumi - Beautiful harmony.

    Kazuna - One vegetable.

    Kazuno - Your peace.

    Keiko - Blessed child.

    Kimiko - Child without equal.

    Kira - Dark.

    Kiyoko - Pure child.

    Kiyomi - Pure beauty.

    Koemi - Little laugh.

    Kokoa - Love of the heart.

    Konami - Little south beauty.

    Kotori - Bird of luck.

    Koyuki - Little snow.

    Kumiko - Child with braids.

    Kyoka/Kyouka - Fragrant capital.

    Kyoko - Respectful child; child of the capital.

    Maaya - True design.

    Machiko - Knowledgeable child.

    Maeko - Child of true blessing.

    Maemi - Ten thousand blessings and beauty.

    Mai - Ocean or elegance.

    Maiha - Danve of the waves.

    Maiko - Dance child.

    Makiko - True record child.

    Manami - Beautiful love.

    Mariko - Child of true reason.

    Masumi - True purity; Increasing beauty.

    Matsuko - Pine tree child.

    Matsuyo - Age of the pine tree.

    Mayu - Gentle truth.

    Mayumi - True blow.

    Megumi - Blessing.

    Mei - The youngest of sisters; beautiful; plum.

    Michiko - Beautiful wise child.

    Michiyo - Era of beauty and wisdom.

    Midori - Beautiful branch.

    Mikako - Beautiful fragrance child.

    Mikayo - Beautiful fragrance child.

    Mikino - Beautiful beginning you.

    Minako - Child of the beautiful Nara.

    Minami - South.

    Mineko - Summit and child.

    Minori - Beautiful harbor.

    Misa - Beautiful sand.

    Misaki - Beautiful blossom.

    Misayo - Beautiful helpful child.

    Misora - Beautiful sky.

    Mitsuki - Beautiful moon.

    Mitsuko - Child of the light.

    Mitsuuo - Generation of light.

    Miya - Temple; increasingly beautiful.

    Miyabi - Graceful.

    Miyako - Capital; beautiful child.

    Miyu - Superior beauty; superior feeling.

    Mizuki - Silent snow; beautiful happiness.

    Miyuu - Beautiful tenderness.

    Mizuki - Beautiful moon; beautiful month.

    Mizuko - Water child.

    Momiji - Japanese maple tree.

    Momoka - A thousand flowers.

    Momoko - Peach child.

    Moriko - Child of the forest.

    Moriyo - Forest generation.

    Motoko - Child of the capital.

    Motoyo - Begninning generation.

    Mutsoko - Intimate child.

    Nagisa - The seashore.

    Nami - Of great reknown.

    Namiko - Wave child; surf child.

    Nana - Grace; favour.

    Nanako - Child of the greens.

    Nanami - Seven seas.

    Nanase - Seven currents.

    Naoko - Obedient child.

    Naomi - Beautiful, pleseant, delightful.

    Nariko - Hard-working child.

    Narumi - Growing beauty.

    Natsuki - Summer and hope.

    Natsuko - Child of the summer.

    Natsumi - Summer beauty.

    Natsuyo - Summer generation.

    Nishiko - Child of the west.

    Nishiyo - West generation.

    Noemi - Beautiful, pleasant, delightful.

    Nori - Law.

    Noriko - Order/Law Child.

    Nozomi - Rare; wish.

    Oka - Cherry blossom.

    Raiko - Next child.

    Reika - Lovely petal.

    Reiko - Courteous child.

    Reina - Pure; clean.

    Rena - Reborn.

    Rieko - Child blessed with logic.

    Rika - Eternal ruler.

    Riko - Jasmine child.

    Rin - Cold.

    Risa - Sand of the village.

    Risuka - Good law.

    Ritsuko - Child of the law.

    Riye - Blessed with logic.

    Riyeko - Child blessed with logic.

    Ruka - Bright blue flower.

    Rumi - Beautiful lapis lazuli.

    Ruri - Lapis lazuli.

    Ruriko - Lapis lazuli child.

    Ryoko/Ryouko - Refreshing child.

    Sachi - Colorful wisdom.

    Sachiko - Child of happiness.

    Sahiye - Auspicious blessing.

    Sachiyo - Happy generation.

    Sadako - Proper child.

    Sadayo - Proper world.

    Saeko - Serene child.

    Saiko - Serene child.

    Sakae - Prosperity.

    Sakaye - Prosperity.

    Saki - Rare blossoming.

    Sakiko - Blossom child.

    Sakura - Cherry blossom.

    Sakurako - Cherry blossom child.

    Sanae - Rice seedlings.

    Sanaye - Rice seedlings.

    Satoko - Wise child.

    Satomi - Wise beauty.

    Satoyo - Hometown generation.

    Satsuki - Fifth month.

    Saya - Swift arrow.

    Sayake - Good arrow of the sand.

    Sayeko - Serene child.

    Sayo - World of gauze; evening.

    Sayoko - Evening child.

    Sayuri - Small lily.

    Seika - Pure summer.

    Seiki - Star and beginning.

    Seiko - Sincere child.

    Seina - Star and Nara.

    Seira - Holy and good.

    Setsu - Node; verse.

    Setsuko - Season child.

    Setsuna - Calm snow.

    Shigeko - Nourishing child.

    Shigemi - Luxuriant beauty.

    Takara - Treasure.

    Sora - Sky.

    Sumiko - Clear child.

    Sayuri - Small lily.

    Satomi - Village; wise and beautiful.

    Saki - Blossom.

    Rina - Jasmine.

    Keiko - Celebrate, respect; open child.

    Kazue - Harmony.

    Kaoru - Fragrance.

    Kaori - Smell, perfume, fragrance.

    Kanon - Flower; sound.

    Hotaru - Firefly.

    Hoshi - Star.

    Hikari - Light.

    Hikaru - Light; radiance.

    Tsubaki - Camellia flower.

    Tsubasa - Wing.

    I hope that helps. I don't have the pronunciations though.. sorry. But I

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    Girls Names

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    Aki-means Sparkle

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    Ayameko - Iris Child

    Chitose - A Thousand Years

    Haru - Spring

    Haruka - Distant

    Momo - Peach

    Murasaki - Purple

    Ran - Orchid

    Ren - Lotus

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      Bara - Rose

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    Beautiful Japanese girls names.. with meaning?

    Please list some Japanese names (with pronunciation and meaning.. some names may have more than one meaning ...)

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    I don't know too many, but my favorite is Kaida, which means "little dragon"

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    Fumiko-treasured beauty

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