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how do you make green beer?

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    There are two types of green beer if referring to beer that is ready to drink

    The one you are probably talking about is simply made by adding food colouring to beer.

    The other sort is made using undried, therefore green, hops and can only be made at the start of the hop season

    There is a third use of the term green beer, this is beer that has finished fermenting, but is not yet ready to be drunk.

  • Green beer is a St. Patrick's day tradition in many homes, restaurants, and pubs. You don't need to be a chemist to mix this celebratory drink. All you need is beer and food coloring. Simply add food coloring to your favorite beer, mix it up and enjoy.

    The beer

    Choose a lighter beer, one that will take the color easily. If your favorite beer is of the darker variety, it will take more coloring.

    The color

    It was suggested by a commenter on Slashfood, where we were reminded of this cool St. Patrick's day tradition, that blue food coloring works best; by mixing it with the yellow beer, you should achieve a true green color. I tried both blue and green food coloring. Take a look through the gallery and decide which one you think worked best.

    For the purists among us who don't want to tamper with good beer

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    Green beer is a phrase used to describe the brew batch after main fermentation is completed but before conditioning. As for the green beer that you get in bars on St. Patrick's Day, they merely add green food-grade dye to the brew at the brewery. This is usually not done at the bar. If you want to make your own, use a very light colored brew, typically one that uses pale malt. Simply dropping in green dye might not have the effect you want, so try blue first.

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    Dye the beer green.

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    Take some beer and add green food coloring to it.

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    Food dye is just dye the same stuff that occurs naturally everywhere in nature.

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    Everyone else said, " or blue food dyes..."

    Also, Don't use Guinness---however Irish it may be, you just won't be able to color it green.

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