How to get soft clothes & towels in front loader washing machine?

Hi, I have a Bosch front loader machine for a year now. My towels come out really stiff & hard after a wash and line dry. I also find my clothes are starting to get a bit harder. My mum has a top loader, and i put my hard towels in hers to wash and they came out much softer!! I've always used omo powder and fluffy fabric softer. I recently replaced the fabric softener and tried vinager, but still no change! Do I need to try using more vineger?? My mum has always used fabric softner on her towels and no problems. I also always used cold water, I tried hot water, and changing spin speed to slower....still comes out crispy and hard. Has anyone had this problem and managed to fix it...I want soft cothes & towels!! Do i need to use another detergent?? I thought omo was a good brand...HELP!!

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    I don't know Omo detergent, and I suspect I'm in a different part of the world from you. I'd expect this to be caused by detergent that's not rinsing out of the towels correctly because you're using too much detergent for the machine, or the water is quite hard and calcium in the water is causing poor rinsing.

    Can you get washing soda (sodium carbonate) or one of the dry "water softener" additives with sodium sesquicarbonate? If so, I'd try washing a load of towels several times with no detergent, but with washing soda, and then comparing the texture of the rewashed towels to a towel that you've saved out for purposes of comparison.

    I suspect you'll find that you have washed out enough detergent residue that the towels have softened considerably. If so, find out the chemical hardness of your water (in the US, hardness is measured in grains or parts per million (ppm)) and then consult with the detergent manufacturer as to the correct amount to use for your machine and water hardness.

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    still looking for an answer as I had no problem for the last 30 years using a top loader but find the front loader very frustrating when washing towels - they are so stiff and do not look like the towels I have always been proud to fold and use.

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    Here are some tips...and I don't think it's the washer, as anyone who has hung towels out to dry has this problem, but try this: Vinegar in the rinse cycle helps to rinse the detergent and residue from your towels that make them hard and scratchy. One-half to a full cup of WHITE VINEGAR will do the trick. Do not bleach white towels; wash them with LEMON JUICE instead. Bleach breaks down the fibers in towels and shortens the life of them, in addition to making them thin, less absorbent and scratchy Do not overstuff the washing machine. Cramming a washing machine full of towels does not allow them to get clean and to rinse out well. Leave empty space in the machine when you wash your towel Add water softener to the wash. Many people live in areas where the water is “hard,” meaning it contains a lot of dissolved calcium and magnesium. These minerals react with soap and keep it from lathering making it unproductive. Adding a water softener like CALGON to your laundry will make your soap more productive and your towels will come out softer Line dry your towels, as constant towel drying will make your towels thin. SHAKE your towels before you hang them and shake them again when you take them off the line. If you like, you can quickly fluff them in the dryer before folding.

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    Bosch Front Loader

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    The machine you use does not matter: the problem is in the water.

    Your mom almost certainly lives in a different area, town or city, and the water is different from yours. Yours has more minerals, and is called "hard" and hers is called "soft"..

    Installing a water softener would be a long-term solution to your problem, but that can be expensive.

    A cheaper alternative would be adding washing soda to help to soften the water. It is a naturally occurring alkaline substance, also known as sodium carbonate. It is fairly high on Ph scale so clothes should not be in direct contact with it, but it works well as a water softener.

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    See there is certain parameter which we have to follow.

    Check the water quality,water should not be more then 50ppm.& TDS below 500 ppm.

    always use cold water and give the desire temperature. after two plain rinse add neutralizer and in last step use cationic last step give 10-12 minutes extraction.

    dry out in the tumble drying.

    you will get fluffy and soft towels.

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    I find baking soda to be a great softener and it's cheap. Also extra rinse (or use less soap) with the new efficiency machines as they use less water. Kind of like when toilets changed to flush with half the water, sometimes you need to flush (or in this case rinse) twice.

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    Put white vinegar in the bleach dispenser. Those towels are stiff because all the detergent has not rinsed out.

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