Is it true or false according top your belief......?

Evil is a term which man has created to describe the result of the absence of God's presence in the hearts of man. ALBERT EINSTEIN.


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    A definition by such a genius , how can one deny it?

    In my view good and bad are the two sides of a coin.

    Similarly good and evil are the two sides of the coin.

    Suppose there is ONLY GOOD IN THE UNIVERSE,,, how can you say that is good.

    It needs comparison.

    Suppose you do not know what is cool , and only thing you know is hot sun all the 24 hours, how can you imagine that there is some thing cool as it is not there ( in this case)

    So from the very first day of Creation, the two sides Existed.We can not imagine only one side.

    Unless some thing is bad, you can not say some other thing is good.Because there are two things to compare.

    So,GOD is the REALITY and SATAN is a shadow .The absence of Godly qualities are Satanic qualities.

    As the absence of LIGHT is called Darkness ( Though there is no such thing as Darkness , materially, and it is a state of absence of some thing called Light ) similarly Evil is the Absence of Godly qualities.

    I feel so.


    After reading the Answer of Veers , I wanted to add this.further.

    Dears Veers yes what you said is Perfectly true.In advanced state of Understanding HIM or THE ULTIMATE this knowledge ushers in mind .

    There is nothing in the UNIVERSE THAT IS NOT GOD.

    What we call good and bad or evil or Noble all are HE only ....The SHAKTI ROOPAMS.

    We have an excellent stotram on Shakti THE GOD ,THE CHAITANYAM (THE ACTIVITY ). praising like this ;...

    ( I cite some few lines from here and there please)

    '' Yaa Devi sarva Bhooteshu Vidyaa roopeyna samstitaa....

    Yaa Devi sarva Bhooteshu Avidyaa Roopeyna Samstitaa..

    Yaa Devi sarva Bhooteshu Kshudaa roopena samstitaa..

    Yaa Devi sarva Bhooteshu Keeri roopeyna samstitaa..

    Yaa Devi sarva Bhooteshu nidraa roopena samstitaa..

    Yaa Devi sarva Bhooteshu krodhaa roopena samstitaa..

    Yaa Devi sarva Bhooteshu kshamaa roopena samstitaa.

    Yaa Devi sarva Bhooteshu Chaayaa roopeyna samstitaa,

    Yaa Devi sarva Bhooteshu Jaati roopeyna samstitaa..

    Yaa Devi sarva Bhooteshu Lajaa roopena samstitaa..

    Yaa Devi sarva Bhooteshu Dayaa roopeyna samstitaa

    Yaa Devi sarva Bhooteshu Bhraanti ropeyna samstitaa

    etc etc goes on...

    (It is called DEVI STOTRAM)

    Here you can see that all opposites , Knowledge and Ignorance, Bravery and Cowardice, Hunger and food,

    Greediness and Satisfaction, Reality and Illusion etc etc all ARE HER QUALITIES OR MANIFESTATIONS.

    So there is NOTHING in Universe that is NOT GOD.

    (But to understand this one MAY require some deep reading and further understanding. and many know it )


    But the Maaya makes us not understand it propery..that is the secret.

    Once that layer of Ignorance or illusion is removed or goes away , then EVERYTHING IS HE (OR SHE) ALONE.

    thank you dear Veers.

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    Remember there is nothing good or bad in this transient world, but thinking makes it so..

    Then what is bad or, evil? It is any act - physical, mental or intellectual- which is usually violent or destructive in nature and, hinders soul's journey in its evolution- unfoldment ..Viewed from this perspective, one can easily find that there is a universality of certain qualities which promote soul's upward movement, which we can, however call "Good". Rest are all evil, or evil 'forces', tendencies which always demote and never promote.

    Finally, we, human beings, indulge in such 'evil' acts only due to ignorance. Please note that for lesser evolved creatures there is no good or evil. And 'thinking makes it so' only for humans!..

    So, definitely, as said by Albert Einstein, "evil is a term which man has created to describe the result of absence of God's presence in the hearts of man".

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    "Oh, I heard it at a Flyleaf concert, so it must be true". Oh, God. The links below are from literally less than ten seconds on Google. I included more than one because some people don't want to let go of their cherished myths - like the "martyrdom" of Cassie. The truth is that eyewitnesses do not support this story. It's a nice story, it's a warm story, it's a faith-affirming story, but it's also a myth - it just ain't true. The problem with stories like this is that they perpetuate the misconception that Christians are some horribly persecuted people. Look, in this country over 75% (the numbers are probably higher) of people profess some form of christianity. That makes you guys the majority. Majorities aren't persecuted by the minorities. So... False. False false false. And here are the links that show the evidence of its falsity. To the rest of you answerers.... ten seconds with Google. Ten. Don't accept blindly what you're told. Saul

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    Albert Einstein did not say this. This is an urban legend. A little story that started online and claimed the "student" in that story was Albert Einstein.

    It explains when this urban legend started and shows that it was circulating for years before Einsteins name was attributed to it.

    Evil is an action. One must DO something before ithe action or the person can be judged Evil. If Hitler had not done all of the things he did, you most likely would not have called him Evil. You probably wouldn't even know about it at all. And people with great faith in their God(s) have committed atrocities in the name of that God... so it's speculation to say their God is present or not "in their heart" and totally depends on your perception of said God.

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    Albert Einstein did NOT say that. It goes against his personal beliefs and theories. It was however a theory presented by the 5th century theologian, Augustine of Hippo, who maintained that evil was only "Privatio Boni" or the "privation" or "absence" of good.

    " And in the universe, even that which is called evil, when it is regulated and put in its own place, only enhances our admiration of the good; for we enjoy and value the good more when we compare it with the evil. For the Almighty God, who, as even the heathen acknowledge, has supreme power over all things, being Himself supremely good, would never permit the existence of anything evil among His works, if He were not so omnipotent and good that He can bring good even out of evil. For what is that which we call evil but the absence of good? In the bodies of animals, disease and wounds mean nothing but the absence of health; for when a cure is effected, that does not mean that the evils which were present—namely, the diseases and wounds—go away from the body and dwell elsewhere: they altogether cease to exist; for the wound or disease is not a substance, but a defect in the fleshly substance,—the flesh itself being a substance, and therefore something good, of which those evils—that is, privations of the good which we call health—are accidents. Just in the same way, what are called vices in the soul are nothing but privations of natural good. And when they are cured, they are not transferred elsewhere: when they cease to exist in the healthy soul, they cannot exist anywhere else."

    —St. Augustine of Hippo, Enchiridion of Augustine, Chapter 11: What is called Evil in the Universe is But the Absence of Good[1]

    Source(s): This article is fascinating and sent me searching for more.
  • Somehow I beg to disagree this quote of Genius Albert Einstein.

    God in my understanding is the real driving force behind every event in the cosmos. Everything is happening for the good of the cosmos according to the wishes of God only.

    The very same event is good for few and evil for few. In that event there is no good or evil, but just an event. Only on our view few feel it is good and few feel it is evil!

    Hence in my humble opinion, there cannot be a state called ‘Absence of God’


    Dear Radhakrishnan Sir,

    I am really thrilled to see your edit just now! Thank you very much for your appreciations.

    It is like a coincidence that I blur something and it turn to be interesting and inspiring. This is one such! I am not a voracious reader and I don’t have patience to read even the subjects in my Engineering. I mostly discuss with others and try to gain something by listening. So I have not read any of the Religious Scriptures though my father and all brothers are voracious readers.

    I would like to refer a poem from “Kandhar Anuboothi”

    உருவாய் அருவாய் உளதாய் இலதாய்

    மருவாய் மலராய் மணியாய் ஒளியாய்

    கருவாய் உயிராய் கதியாய் விதியாய்

    அருள்வாய் குகனே!


    Oh Lord Muruga.. (KUGHA) You bless us by manifesting you as, in form & formlessness, existing & nonexistent, bud & flower, bell & sound, foetus & soul, Karma & destiny,

    this is a realisation at advanced stage.

    These amounts to say every thing is HIS manifestation in different ways and that conclude there CANNOT be absence of God.;_ylt=Av...


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    If you add a letter it becomes Devil and presence of devil in the heart of a man will result in evil thoughts and actions. Who can Challenge Albert Einstein, the intelligent giant of the world.

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    Banjaranji Albert Einstein is correct that evil is a term which man has created to describe the result of the absence of God's presence in the hearts of man, the terms can be created by man but the reality can not be created by man, means evil itself is not created by man, that is also God gifted like goodness. The five demons of Satan, or devil create five passions in human mind, they are Desires, Anger, Greed, Emotions and ego.

    इसु देही अंदरि पंच चोर वसहि कामु क्रोधु लोभु मोहु अहंकारा ॥

    Within this body dwell the five thieves, lust, wrath, avarice, attachment and pride.

    अम्रितु लूटहि मनमुख नही बूझहि कोइ न सुणै पूकारा ॥

    They plunder Nectar. The apostate knows it not and none heart the complaint.

    अंधा जगतु अंधु वरतारा बाझु गुरू गुबारा ॥२॥

    Blind is the world and blind its dealing without the Guru there is pitch darkness.

    {{{Guru Amar Daas Ji, Raag Sorath 600}}}

    इकि आवहि इकि जावहि आई ॥

    Some are born, and some having been born, die away.

    इकि हरि राते रहहि समाई ॥

    Imbued with the Lord, some remain absorbed in him.

    इकि धरनि गगन महि ठउर न पावहि ॥

    Some get no resting place on earth or in sky.

    से करमहीण हरि नामु न धिआवहि ॥१॥

    They, the unfortunate ones, remember not God's name.

    गुर पूरे ते गति मिति पाई ॥

    From the perfect Guru, the way to salvation is obtained.

    इहु संसारु बिखु वत अति भउजलु गुर सबदी हरि पारि लंघाई ॥१॥ रहाउ ॥

    This world, an exceedingly terrible ocean, is like poison and by means of Gurbani, the Lord makes the man to cross it. Pause.

    जिन्ह कउ आपि लए प्रभु मेलि ॥

    They, whom the Lord unites with himself, them,

    तिन कउ कालु न साकै पेलि ॥

    the death cannot crush.

    गुरमुखि निरमल रहहि पिआरे ॥

    The sweet Guru-wards remain unsoiled,

    जिउ जल अम्भ ऊपरि कमल निरारे ॥२॥

    like the lotus that remains unaffected in and on water.

    बुरा भला कहु किस नो कहीऐ ॥

    Say, whom should we call good and whom bad, when the Lord is see amongst all.

    दीसै ब्रहमु गुरमुखि सचु लहीऐ ॥

    It is through the Guru, that the truth is known,

    अकथु कथउ गुरमति वीचारु ॥

    and I utter the Unutterable Lord and ponder on the Guru's instruction.

    मिलि गुर संगति पावउ पारु ॥३॥

    I associate with Guru's congregation and fathom the Lord's limit's.

    सासत बेद सिम्रिति बहु भेद ॥

    The knowledge of the many secrets of Shashtras, Vedas and Simirtis,

    अठसठि मजनु हरि रसु रेद ॥

    and bathing at sixty eight holy places lies in enshrining God's elixir in the mind.

    गुरमुखि निरमलु मैलु न लागै ॥

    Pure are the Guru--wards. No filth attaches to them.

    नानक हिरदै नामु वडे धुरि भागै ॥४॥१५॥

    By virtue of the primal greatest good luck, O Nanak, God's name abides in the heart.

    {{{Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Raag Aasaa 353}}}

    Only the name of Lord is capable to wash away evil thoughts from our hearts.

    Source(s): Guru Granth Sahib and meditation on name of Lord.
  • I remember being taught in RE that evil is the absence of God's love, much the same as darkness is the absence of light. I don't agree, I believe that evil is caused by the devil and God's love is always there.

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    Evil is a totally subjective term based on your own beliefs and those of your society. Many things thought to be evil are not considered so now, and the same will be true in the future.

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