I need help with idea's for dinner's for my 12 month old,?

He has no teeth yet and refuses to eat anything lumpy, he is currently still eating the 6 month baby food because it's smooth, but there are only so many variety of this and he is getting sick of them, I have tried making the food myself and putting it in the food processor to get the lumps out but he turns his hose up at it too, the only other things he likes to eat is bread/toast, custard, oatmeal cookies a little bit of fruit

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    Oh, wow no teeth at twelve months. My babe have six to eight by then. I made homemade puree so they were healthy, fresh, and had more flavor. We totally gave up purees around nine or ten months.

    Okay for nutrition at this points he is going to need to eat healthy fresh foods. So if you feed him bread give him 100% whole grain bread. I would stick away from custard and oatmeal cookies - two things that are full of unnecessary sugar. You should be going with and pushing fresh fruits and steamed veggies. Don't tell him or say around him he won't or probably won't like it - babies are smarter then you think and will generally eat anything if you don't fuss over it.

    My dinner idea would be:

    Drink: Sippy cup of whole milk, formula, or breast milk.

    Grain: Whole grain pasta. Maybe a rotini or bow pasta.

    Veggie: Steamed carrots and peas.

    Dairy: Cubes of cheese.

    Dessert: Fruit with yougurt.

    You want to touch on all four food groups when feeding a toddler or any person in general. Stay away from added salt and sugar. Here is a good website: http://www.wholesometoddlerfood.com/

    ETA: He is too old to be eating purees even more so if they are not homemade and fresh. Don't make a fuss over what he will and won't eat. Put it on his tray suggest he eat it. If he doesn't eat it; it's not a big deal. By now he can be feeding himself as well.

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    here's some ideas he might like:

    meat loaf (make it with lots of liquid so it's soft for him to munch)

    sheppards pie (savoury mince with puree potato or infant cereal on top)

    scrambled egg

    pureed fruit and yogurt mixed together

    egg and soilders - where you soft boil an egg, and dip toast sticks into it and eat the toast

    grated cheese

    finely diced olives


    tuna patties

    rice pudding

    mashed baked beans

    mashed spaghetti

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