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Which spelling of 'spelt'/'spelled' is the British/American way?

Mass globalisation has really confused my spelling. Like, right now, I know I'm supposed to spell globalisation with a 's', but Yahoo!Answers is telling me to do it with a 'z'. On another note, which 'z' pronunciation, 'zee' or 'zed', is used in Britain or America?


Actually, I'm in Australia. However, we have to officially follow the Brits spelling-wise and pronunciation-wise so I just wanted to know what was 'correct' in my country.

Update 2:

So, UK says 'spelt'... do they spell it that way to or is it just a dialect thing?

Update 3:

*too - Sorry, typo. I at least have to spell too right!

Update 4:

FYI, Yahoo has an Australian edition as well, with Australian spellings. The spelling suggestions, as I've just discovered, are actually caused by my Firefox browser using an English-US dictionary, not an English-AU dictionary (suited for me). I checked spelt just then and yes, 'spelt' is spelt 'spelt' in Australia and Britain.

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    Spelt is English, spelled is the American version. English also has similar Endings for the past participles of dream and burn - dreamt & burnt - as well as a handful of others. Americans use dreamed and burned.

    In Britain we say zed, Americans say zee.

    And we no longer use z in ...sation words, or realise.

    Edit - yes we spell it that way as well. Most of the rest of the English speaking world follows English spelling, not American.

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    Spelt Vs Spelled

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    i'm a translator and proofreader yet i do no longer terrific human beings on the internet except requested to through fact persons that are actually not linguistically minded do exactly no longer care, that's a waste of time, and it basically gets on their nerves. That stated, detrimental grammar, spelling, and punctuation is disturbingly customary for the period of the internet, human beings see it, and, understanding no extra advantageous, reproduction it; and so the vicious circle is going on till detrimental English is the norm (if it quite is not already). i could could desire to cease my activity to terrific all the errors I see in an afternoon's surfing: this website is crammed with errors (no longer including the intentional ones), as many from the preachers of stable grammar as from the defenders of illiteracy; the shortcoming or overuse of the apostrophe being the worst (2 Weeks' observe or 2 Weeks observe? sure, even Warner Bros go incorrect, so what wish for something human beings?). And what can we do whilst even respected web pages like the BBC are rife with errors? by using how, the spell examine is useful yet no longer applicable. I basically approximately positioned "somewhat my activity" through fact my palms are consistently racing forward typing uncomplicated words in the previous my ideas reaches them to tell them what they should certainly be typing. The spell examine does not have picked that up. It probable does not %. up all detrimental punctuation the two, e.g. the type between it quite is and its. This website is unquestionably no longer that undesirable whilst in comparison with many boards i've got seen, so perhaps some tolerance could desire to be exercised.

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    In the US, we say Zee for Z, and in England, Canada, Australia, NZ we say Zed.

    In the US, we say "spelled", in the UK, they often say "spelt".

    This is simply one of the differences in English which occur, although I must tell you that I find the differences in regional Russian, and the differences between Parisian and Quebecois French to be just as frustrating.

    Best wishes.

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    spelt/brit-spelled/american....zee/brit-zed/american...most people believe brit is original and corect but y dont u be da boss...re..may i correct all u dumbass who bothered to even answer...zee is english pronounciation and yes while z is no longer pronounced in words such as realisation or globalization it does not mean the pronunciation is not the same...english pro-nois always right in effect because colonial americans came from old britian or new england so take some history classes then answer questions because u know not because u are guessing...or i suppose YOU would say geussing....

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    Spelt is not British nor American. It means something else and is not the same as Spelled

    Yahoo! is an American site so you're going to get British spelling wrong


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