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Are shy girls good to be with?

I don't know which ones are better to be with. Shy girls or out going girls. To me I have a thing for shy girls. I'm a shy guy but I don't know how shy girls act. I don't have problems talking to people when I get to know them because when I get to know the person I'm a chatter box. Most of the girls I knew are out going. I never met a shy girl before. I'm 18 and still single so I was wondering if shy girls are good to be with or not. I just want to have a happy relationship with a down to earth girl. I don't know where to find them there. Sorry if I sound hopeless.

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    Sounds pretty hopeless. I dunno.

    So do you not know your name? Or are we supposed to guess? What's up with that?

  • Amanda
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    I would choose A. The 'outer' reason being the fact that outgoing people never (NEVER EVER) understands shy people like me. Moreover, (am i selfish or what) a less confident yet can be random in front of close friends probably means once she lets you into her comfort zone, you are either a close friend or a possible partner. While a B-ish kind of girl tolerates strangers in her comfort zone, and you would never know whether she treats you as an acquaintance or a friend.(Even when she seems close to you, she might just be a little more accommodating) The most existing reason is the inability to hide feelings. When talking heart to heart, a B-ish girl would have her ways of hiding her true feeling and acting like she's actually telling her true feelings. An A-ish girl would (blush shy away awkward silence etc) when trying to hide her feelings. The key is to earn her trust. Unless a guy is a less sensitive and more outgoing, he would probably understand what I talking about.

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    they're usually quiet and more reserved..probably not much of a party type...hopefully the shy girl opens up after she gets to know u otherwise it would make for a boring relationship if shes shy all the time.

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    Shy girls almost feed off the other persons personality. If they are talkative and out going then she will warm up with that person. I think you should try your luck with one and see how it works out.

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    Yes there are

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    shy girls or not doesnt matter, what matters is their personality and how you like it. man up and be confident and go out there to meet new girls.

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    well if your shy...and the girls might be awkwardd. and most really outgoing girls are annnnoyyinggg

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    sometimes depends what kind of shy she is ! answer mine plz !;_ylt=Ah...

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