can I use broken tectonic plates as raw material to make full body armour for my bulls?


Ah, my friends, so be it. We have been relegated to the same dung pile as most of my snailmail, destined to be addressed as "occupant" or as in this case, Society and Culture, other... If it is agreed, so be it. We will bring the thrill of the bullring to this quaint sector or Yahoo, and smile...

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    FNA is correct questions and answers about serving Haitians for example would be reported by the reporting fools.

    As for the use of tectonic plates as body armour , this was tried by the famous bull breeder Alphonso Gonzales back in 1642 in Barcelona . the bull was hardly able to stand due to the weight and bulk of the armour , the picadors were unable to jab him and the bandilleros darts just bounced off. The bullfighter could not induce the bull to charge as by this time the weight of the tectonic armour had pressed the bull so far into the ground that his stomach was resting on the sand. The crowd of course became restless at this farce and were screaming for action and so as the bullfighter was unable to kill the bull with his sword he instead killed the picadors horses to placate the crowd until a 105 mm howitzer borrowed from the army and loaded with armour piercing ammo was brought to the bullring to dispatch the unhappy bull. Yes I know howitzers did not exist back in 1642 but that is still the story as told to me by my great grandfather and he never told a lie.

  • It's just not the same, non bullfighters just don't understand. This maybe a fight we don't see the BBQ at the end of.

    I suggest a hostile takeover of this section to carry on the legacy of our ancestors.

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    umm no clue what your talking about, the tectonic plates are what make up earths crust

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    i wonder what category this would go under if it were a real question...

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