Should they teach the "flat earth debate" in Public Schools?

Since people want to teach the "evolution debate", or more accurately, the "should we ignore centuries of science simply on the whim of some people", I figure we should teach all the unscientific "debates" as well.

The flat earth debate

the "are vampires real" debate

The "Are UFO sightings a result of government cover-ups of time travel" debate


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    10 years ago
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    None of those are real debates. Nobody ever believed the earth was flat, even though you were told that in school. Even the ancients knew it was a sphere, and even had a pretty good measurement of it. I love it when evolutionists bring up crazy stuff like teaching the flat earth, when they know that ID and creation research are more scientific than evolution will ever be.

    I really don't care what they teach in government schools. If you are going to send your kids to one, you get what you deserve. I think they should get rid of all government schools, and let the parents teach the kids themselves, or have private schools. That always works better than anything the government does.

    Source(s): Darwinism, Design and Public Education, by Stephen C. Meyer
  • 3 years ago

    ok it truly is Me Pounding the words 'The Bible does not say the earth is Flat into your cranium. Wham Wham Wham Wham Get it yet ? No? ok Wham Wham Wham Wham ok, What section do you no longer get into your head ? the curvature of the earth is unquestionably a biblical thought, and there is little or no foundation for the charge that the Bible teaches a flat earth. The Scriptures that look to present a flat earth can all easily be defined whilst properly interpreted and understood. Why won't be able to you get that into your head?

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    10 years ago

    I think it is important we teach the evolution debate as honest scientists continues to grapple with what that entails. The study of UFOs is well established and research should of course continue. The flat earth theory is certainly necessary as our children should be taught to appreciate a keen sense of humor which is what the flat earth scientists of Newfoundland are based on. In short all the subjects you mention in jest have their place in open minded logical discussions. Closed minded antagonists just miss all the good stuff dont they?.

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  • Vi
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    10 years ago

    This is like asking whether public schools should be allowed to let their students read Mein Kampf. You can't address the issue of white supremacy if you know nothing about it. What good will it do us to remain ignorant?

    No information should be restricted from public schools, but it shouldn't be required that every student know that there are still some dolts out there who believe that the Earth is flat, or that all the species on Earth lived but walking distance from Noah's house, or that God sprinkled dinosaur bones everywhere because he thought it'd be funny.

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    10 years ago

    the Holy Bible says the Earth is not flat:

    Solomon 8:31

    Relaxing myself on the round of His (God's) Earth and finding my happines through the sons of the people.

    Isaiah 40:22

    He(God) stays in the chair above the round of the Earth.

    Job 26:7

    He(God) is hanging the Earth on nothing

    Source(s): something flat can't hang on nothing (Job 26:7)
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    10 years ago

    Where exactly would "are vampires real" come into school?

    Evolution, and the issues surrounding it, is a pretty big topic, and should be studied in school. That includes the fact that many people do not believe it.

    and LOL at the guy who said to join "normal, happy society". where does that exist??

  • 10 years ago

    Liberal idiots who have been in charge of education need to held accoutable. They have done a terrible job of educating over the past 40 years! I think that the Department of Education needs to go away, and parents should be allowed to get a voucher to sent thier kids to a private school. We will leave the public schools to people like you, and you can teach whatever you want!

    We are Christians who believe in creation. My kids both earned full academic scholarships to college. One to TCU, and one to OSU. So, which worldview produced a better result? Yours or ours?

  • Hiway
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    10 years ago

    Pretty obvious you are trolling and losing your argument due to the extremes you took in trying to ask your "question".

    I think a healthy dose of theory regarding origins is a good one personally. I view keeping minds open as a good thing and allows people to address the "why" or "how" questions in less restrictive way.

    Even science has many sources of motivation which take a great deal of "out there" hypothesis.

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    10 years ago

    We have seen Earth from space and obviously it's not flat, so rule that one out.

    Twilight is not real, all you Twilight fanatics, sorry

    I dont know lets watch District 9.

    And as far as Evolution goes I think it's bs.

  • 10 years ago


    The flat earth debate is so ridiculous. We've already proved the earth is round.

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