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Can you get parts in Australia for a Japan imported car?

I'm interested in buying a Toyota Tarago 2006 Model in Australia that was imported from Japan. I'm wondering what happens when it get wrecked; can i get parts for it in Australia or do i have to import the parts from Japan ?

Also, this car works on Diesel, what do you guys reckon about that?

Other than that please post any advise you'd like to share with me regarding this topic.



This car IS really imported from japan, but i want to know can you find its parts in Australia?

Are toyota taragos and toyota estimas exactly same that you can use the parts?

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    Toyota Tarago and Toyota Estima and Toyota Previa is a same one, difference by market region, trim, and extra equipment. So you can look at the Toyota Tarago. The Estima and Previa lower model is higher then the Tarago, also the highest model. It's base on the equipment being requested by Australian Toyota Dealer to adapting the market demand. You also can contact Indonesia Part Shop, Singapore Part Shop, or Bafta as Japanese Car Exporter. Also the engine model is same, even you can look for another Toyota model with same engine in use.

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    should not be hard

    Toyota Estima =Japan version

    Toyota Sienna = USA version

    Toyota Tarago = Australia. version

    all the same van but different name

    basically ur buying a AU version

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