Can we induct this young man into the bullfighter's hall of fame?

A teenager who was gored by a bull in Maine is going to have the last laugh. His family shot the bull and plans to eat it.

Seventeen-year-old Durham resident Vinnie Huntington says he was rounding up the bull and a steer when the bull turned on him Monday night. He says the 1,800-pound (816-kilogram) bull gored him and flipped him.

He suffered dislocated shoulders, puncture wounds to his back, and bumps and bruises.

His mother and a neighbour intervened to save him.

Local station WMTW-TV says the teen hopes to be released from a hospital Thursday.

He says he'll participate in the feast. He says he's going to enjoy it.

This article appeared on Yahoo on 10 April 2010


At issue is "can"we, not "should" we. Since we have been more or less disrupted by the Yamster, and our membership is scagttereed, do we have a quorum to conduct such actions?

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    For once Angela is talking sense. The "injuries" if you can call them that , suffered by this bumbling cowboy are so mild that I would expect a five year old to be ready for the next bull after a half hour rest if she suffered similar "injuries". So the hall of fame is certainly not deserved unless you mean he should receive that honour for setting a new record for the amount of steak he manages to eat at the BBQ

    Regarding an alternative home for bullfighting Q & A I think your suggestion of Society & Culture> Other , is a good one should Bullfighting become inaccessible. However it should be the NZ part of Society & Culture> Other , which you have used as that way by selecting New Zealand answers only we are left with just six or so answers to look through. FNA has just posted a bullfighting question into Community Service and his question is the only NZ question at present open there so that Category is also an idea , we are going to get lost if we don't establish a back up category .

    I have just done a check on my resolved questions and found that four of my resolved bullfighting questions have been deleted , that is on top of the two open questions that were deleted. There is a real loony out there.

  • angela
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    1 decade ago

    I just read that article also . however I would say that it is a little premature to induct him into the bullfighters hall of fame when he hasn't killed a bull and he needed his mother and a neighbour to save him from his first bull. How would it look jp if you were out there in the ring at Madrid and the bull tossed you as no doubt happens on occasion and your mother dashed in to rescue you ? We of course cant criticise the mother for her actions as mothers just do that sort of stuff routinely but it would be a great humiliation for you and could mean the end of your career. So it is possible that this guy will turn out to be a good bullfighter but lets wait a while before we consider inducting him into the hall of fame.

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