Can a liberal discuss FREE SPEECH without vilifying the conservative who would... ?

Who would support his right to say hateful things about conservatives?

This belongs in BULL FIGHTING


Mr Bubbles Guy, are you at a loss for words? Most liberals can do better than that. While your answer disgusts me, I will defend your right to produce such unrefined, vile speech, because you are the prime example of a first class illiterate liberal, unable to form even the rudiments of a proper sentence. You need to respond to more of my questions just for the practice. Keep up the good work, and build concensus among your liberal friends, and the conservatives who fight for your right to display such ignorance.

Update 2:

Ms. Karin, You have responded to my question with some questioning of your own. As you can see, I may dispise the illiterate crap some idiots throw my way, but I can still take a Christian position, and love that idiot. I do not need to reduce my verbal output to his level (although, in this case, it is possible that I do, if I expect him to understand a word of what I say), but can attempt to treat him with a little human respect and dignity in the hopes that it will rub off on him and his behaviour. And if it doesn't, I will simply shake the dust of the bullring off my boots, and try another day. It is his right under the principle of free speech to hurl such pithy language my way, and I will stand to defend his right, just as it is my right to proclaim his ignorance, and suggest he would benefit from a bit of education and culture. Sadly, Mr. Bubbles Guy simply lacks the verbal ability to hurl much villification my direction.

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    1 decade ago
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    jp I am not too sure of exactly what you mean by "his right to say hateful things about conservatives" If you are saying things that you have good reason to believe are true and are not just saying them to be spiteful , but rather because informing others of the truth of the situation is going to be useful in some way , then it is ok to talk of those matters.

    I am not sure if I am making sense or even if I have correctly understood your question , it is late Sunday evening and I am not at my best , I may have grabbed the wrong bull by the horns perhaps ?

    Well to tell you the truth it is about twenty five years or more since I was at my best.

    Is it even wise to grab the right bull by the horns ?

    Mister Bubbles Guy have you forgotten to take your medication ?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well I dunno but I reckon that some people like Mr Bubbles Guy abuse the concept of free speech and should just be shipped of to some remote place far across the sea.

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