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Time of microwaving frozen meals?

When you have one of those frozen meals to heat up in the microwave e.g. Shepard's pie, do you have to heat it up for the time they say? If it says 7 minutes can you microwave it for 5 minutes and it will still be cooked? Are frozen meals already cooked? It's just when I microwave some meals for the time they say, they are too hot.

Thanks in advance. :)

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    I check the food about two-thirds of the way through and then every once in a while until it's done (you can usually check with a meat thermometer). My microwave also gets things too hot; I think those times listed on the package are usually just a guideline for the average time it takes to get hot enough. Also, I stir things periodically, if it's a food that can be easily stirred. I have a newer microwave and I'm still getting to know how long different things take to heat up. I don't know if all frozen meals are already cooked, but I think the one's I've bought before have been precooked, so it was just a matter of heating it to the right temperature, not necessarily cooking the food.

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    Yes- you need to heat it for the full time listed on the package.

    2 years ago, hundreds of people in America got salmonella poisoning from eating pot pies (like a meat pie) that were not heated fully through in the microwave - they didn't cook them the full time.

    Yes - it is cooked, but the food was contaminated after cooking and during packaging.

    So yes - to be safe, you need to cook it the full time or take responsibility for getting ill, if it happens.

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    Every microwave is different. Those are approximate cook times. Adjust the cook time to what makes sense on YOUR machine.

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    it depends on you microwaves power some take less than the recommended time. but most meals are precooked and won't hurt to shorten the cook time. but if the meal contains chicken of seafood it should say cook until internal temp is reached. i recommend cooking full time on these to avoid salmonella or ptomaine poisoning

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    Micros have different power ratings, You need to check yours out , It will be (say) 650 W 800W or may be as high as 1000W.

    Then you check the packet, that may allow for different powered micros.

    BUT IF.......... that doesn't say so on the box .then heat for recommended time.Too hot is better then an upset stomach!

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    i know its always too hot when you put them in for the time they say.... i think they are pre cooked soo its not like your gonna get sick i normally take a minute off the time they say somtimes 2...

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