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When will my baby be born if I conceived September 12th?

I dont remember when my period before that was, but if I had sex September 12th, when would it be born? I got my period September 21st im pretty sure. And it was regular. We then had sex October 10th, and October 27th i took a pregnancy test and it said positive. Im not sure if I got pregnant September 12th, or October 10th? The doctors would be able to tell by measurements right? Please answer this.


Ps: I have been to the doctors, they said Saturday I would be 29 weeks, thats what i kinda wanted to know is they can tell with measurements?

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    if you got your period september 21st then you did not conceive on sept 12th more than likely you conceived oct 10th so you would count 40 weeks forward from the first day of your last period and that would be due june 28th and you would be 29 weeks and 3 days pregnant - how in the world is it that you have not already gone to the Dr.!!! you could be endangering yourself and your unborn child!!!

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    If you had your period sept 21st then you more then likely didn't conceive that cycle. If the docs are saying from measurements that your 29weeks then that correlates with oct 10th being the date of conception. That gives you a due date of 3rd of july. If you think they are off by 1 month which is highly unlikely you'll be due around the 5th of june but i think the measurements are right because they correlate with Oct 10th. So i think your due date is 3rd July

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