Y do CONSERVATIVES think its safe for people to own GUNS?

That's why for defense we have kung fu, karate, rocks, tazers, pepper spray,etc

How do you determine who is rational and irrational? Pre-approving people? criminal records? Too many people have died. Too many flaws.

Are we still in the 1800s? Do the majority of americans still farm? Allowing city people to own guns. IN THE CITY? I thought you christians were against abortion and MURDER.

Lets face it, guns aren't NECESSARY anymore, in today's HIGH TECH SOCIETY. Too often, they are held by the wrong hands.


I'm saying "regular" people Oo. Don't overthink it. Im not talking about the army.

Update 2:

The right to bear arms was created a long time ago. Admit it, its dangerous, especially in large cities. And I'm from LA. Gangs don't use guns. They see that the coward way. They use bats.

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    10 years ago
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    Owning a gun does not make you safer overall. It actually makes you or your family members much more prone to be accidentally shot.

    That being said you have a right to put yourself and your family at risk by owning a gun. Guns can be great fun and and collecting them is an interesting hobby. It's just a very risky hobby that requires serious precautions and vigilence.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Guns are most certainly necessary in today's society. Why do you think police carry guns? Because they have to deal with dangerous criminals, many of which are armed. The general public also has to deal with these criminals. I hope that you're never in this kind of situation, but people get mugged, beaten, raped and killed every single day. When someone carries a gun, they can stop these horrible crimes.

    A young girl was home alone. Two men broke into her house. One of them was a murderer. She heard them, got a shotgun and killed them. Now, what would have happened if that girl didn't have a shotgun? They would have raped her, killed her and or kidnapped her. Most likely all three. She stopped this by using a gun.

    Police can't be everywhere. Kung fu and karate are not even for self defense. They are sports. Besides that, even the best black belt cannot stop someone with a gun. All it takes is a simple pull of the finger and the guy in front of you is dead.

    Criminals break the law. Criminals don't care about following the rules. So why would they stop carrying guns if they were banned? They're criminals. Their job is to disobey the law. Banning guns would only stop law abiding citizens from protecting themselves.

    Your claim that all conservatives are Christians is idiotic. Your claim that a high tech society means a crime free society is also idiotic.

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  • 4 years ago

    Enacting such a law would leave the door wide open for the government to abuse their power and restrict the rights of anyone they want. Yes there are people on the terrorist watch list that shouldn't have access to guns. But there are also harmless people on that list that just fall into a 'lucly' group that got labeled as a concern. Unless there is some tweaking done to restrict the terrorist watch list to only people who are known to be terrorists, then it's a violation of far more than the 2nd amendment. You're stripping people of their rights in many cases without any concrete proof that they have any ill intent. That terrorist watch list is a whole lot more broad than you assume it is. I wouldn't be surprised if 3/4 of the people on it have no terrorist connections at all. And stop playing with words.. this bill isn't to prevent terrorist from getting guns. For most of the people on the list there is no proof at all, so it's a big assumption of guilty without any trial. Shall we start running our courts based on this as well? No need to try them in court, there's enough suspicion so they must be guilty. Case closed.

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  • 10 years ago

    Why do Liberals think the Constitution is worthless, out of date, obsolete and fit to ignore?

    Who decides what sections of the Constitution to change or obey or violate?

    Christianity is against murder, self defense is NOT murder. There is still crime, not everyone knows or is capable of martial arts.

    If that concerned with the loss of life, outlaw cars, they harm and kill thousands of times more people every year. So does football.

    Yes, the right to bear arms was written into the Bill of Rights long ago, it has nothing to do with self-defense of hunting.

    You admit it yourself, gangs with bats break the law. Most people don't have a gang of friends willing to step in to defend against the violent gangs and the police are not going to arrive in time.

    As for "the cowards way", STFU. Who gives a damn what someone says about cowardice, when it comes to the protection of my family...you come with your karate or a knife, I'll come with my gun.

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  • 10 years ago

    It's nice that you live in a nice little fairytale bubble, but some people experience the harsh realities of life.

    Like having a couple dirt-bag pieces of **** break into your house in the middle of the night and kill you and your family because they were looking for money because they're too lazy to work. So these guys are out in 5 years, and you and your family are no more. All COULD of possibly been prevented if you had a gun in your bedroom in case of such an incident occuring.

    Or you are in a supermarket and some pyscho takes someone hostage and just starts randomly shooting people. In Canada, everyone would be ******. In Texas, someone could pull out a gun and finish the guy off right there. Only danger is hero can look like perp to police.

    Criminals will always have guns. The people who will say "no more guns" would be an imposing foolish government like Canada and England.

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  • 10 years ago

    First off, I'm not a conservative. I'm a socialist, and I'm probably further left than you are. And I support weapons rights.

    You are flat out wrong about guns not being necessary in "today's HIGH TECH SOCIETY." And you may be not be aware of it, but that society is not evenly spread over this continent.

    I live in a poor rural area. I see weatherbeaten men with holes in their jeans counting out their coins for common caliber rifle shells at the hardware store counter during hunting seasons.

    Literally millions of Americans live in rural areas, areas so far back in the woods that most urbanites would call it "wilderness." The conservatives have been trying for years to take away these folks' food stamps and welfare, and you liberals have constantly placated and imitated them, and allowed horrific cuts and restrictions, like Bill Clinton's welfare hack job (in his competition with Newt Gingrich).

    And now you want to take away their hunting too?

    What do you propose that these people eat?

    And you can talk about city society all you like, but considering the atmosphere in this country, even if I didn't think it was a principle, which I _do_, I would oppose "gun control" as a practical matter. I don't want the cops, the military, the KKK, the Mafia, the gangbangers, the anti-union company goons, the anti-abortion loonies, the gaybashers, and other assorted right-wing nuts to be the only ones armed.

    And from the point of view of social insurance, if a Bill Clinton, with his "Effective Death Penalty and Anti-Terrorism Act" or a George Bush Jr. with his "PATRIOT Act" hesitate even TEN SECONDS before putting their disgusting plans into operation because they are frightened of the armed population, it is still worth ALL of the casualties of the "crazed shooter run amuck" incidents of the last century.

    More people die from on-the-job accidents and occupational diseases in the U.S. than by gunshot. Even more die from work-related causes than from our tragically-high highway toll. If you really want to save lives, how about a little "boss control"?

    It's not having the means of implementing the LEGITIMATE SOCIAL RIGHT of armed self-defense that is the problem with our society, and that results in the wholescale violence that causes your fear and unreasoning opposition to gun rights.

    It's the almost complete ABSENCE of OTHER social rights.

    When people aren't given a REASON to align themselves with society at large, they won't. And we Americans are given very little reason to do so. We have the least extensive and most poorly funded social programs in the industrialized world.

    Canadians are almost as heavily armed as we are. If you only count long arms, not handguns, they are MORE heavily armed than we are.

    However, even Canada's conservatives support social programs that the most "left-wing" Democrat doesn't advocate, or would even oppose.

    That's why they have less violence in their society.

    Your call for disarming the public, to clean up a social violence "mess," is short-sighted.

    Try applying similar logic to other rights. Voting causes a big social mess. Billion$ spent, tying up of government labor and resources, attention that could go to solving problems...stirs up strife among the people...

    Following your logic, we should abolish elections.

    I'll keep my guns, thank you.


    Source(s): "The whole population shall be armed." -- "The Demands of the Communist Party in Germany," Marx and Engels "Arms and ammunition are on no account to be handed over; every attempt at disarmament must be frustrated, by force if need be." -- Address of the Central Committee to the Communist League, March 1850
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  • 10 years ago

    The criminals just love you. You can't take the guns out of the "wrong" hands;

    they will not give them up. Anti gun laws will only take guns away from law abiding citizens,

    check the news andsee if any 'law abiding gun carrying' citizen murdered anyone today,

    I don't think you will find a single one.Now check and see how many were murdered by criminals, you can bet that number will go up, up, and up if "regular" people have to give up their guns.

    I have been charring a gun all my adult life, only had to use it once.

    ( I'm still alive ) enough said.

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  • 10 years ago

    The Bill of Rights says it is right and proper for the American people to own guns.

    Guns kill less people than cars, why are you not whining about cars?

    What does abortion and murder have to do with guns? The vast vast majority of guns

    have never been used to harm another person.

    If you think that disarming Americans will stop criminals from having and using guns,

    then you are sadly mistaken.

    Guns are as necessary as the buyer believes it to be. Its not your place to make that determination.

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  • 10 years ago

    Guns don't kill people. People kill people.

    Case in point:

    Guns have been taken away from the majority of private citizens in the UK. Guess what? Knife crime skyrocketed. The murder rate did not go down. People just used other methods. Next thing you know, you'll want to take away my screwdrivers because they can be used as a deadly weapon.


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  • 10 years ago

    You're right...I'll go learn Kung Fu and stock pile rocks in my living room

    Now which one sounds more plausible? My having a gun locked up in a safe place or having a stack of boulders in my floor?

    By the way, how does todays HIGH TECH SOCIETY count rocks, which have been since the beginning of time, and martial arts that have been around for centuries.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Why do Liberals think it's safe for PEOPLE to own CARS!

    200% more people are killed by CARS than GUNS in the UNITED STATES...

    With Helicopters and Jets and boats, why use cars?

    What does ABORTION have to do with GUNS...

    and does that mean LIBERALS are FOR MURDER?

    Seriously dude - every Liberal out there is saying: I hope THIS GUY switches sides... He's making us ALL look foolish.

    Way to go... Keep writing!

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