Not going back to the Moon, Not going to Mars, but going to land on an asteroid instead, what's your opinion?

So Nasa will be landing on an asteroid instead of going back to the Moon or sending people to Mars. I wonder if President Obama knows that the movie Armageddon was mostly science fiction.

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    10 years ago
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    He's just trying to spark an interest and you can't blame him. Though, I think more efforts should be put in getting to Mars, but for that you would need to solve some other problems...As for going back to the moon, I don't really see the point. Frankly, there isn't much up there and even if there was, you couldn't do much about it because Space Law prevents that.

    I think landing on an asteroid would take a lot of work. More work than a lot of people realise. Good luck to him but don't hold your breath, it won't happen for a while.

  • 10 years ago

    The moon has already been done, Mars is nigh impossible, the next best trick is an asteroid!

    Politicians like to gesture on grand scales, and with some PR work it might be possible to inform the public about what an asteroid is, and then convince them that for some reason we need to send some poor sod there and back.

    The reality is that the surfaces of asteroids within reach of twentieth century budgets would be singularly uninteresting, and a vastly superior amound of scientific knowledge could be gained for the same expenditure from sending a large fleet of robotic craft to explore our solar system. As a bonus, the science of robotics would be given a giant boost and the resultant technology would provide tangible benefits here on earth.

    It comes down to whom we want to see benefit from space: politicians or real people.


  • 10 years ago

    He's only trying to make goals for the future (going to land on an asteroid) because going to the moon has been done several times and going to Mars is even harder than going to an asteroid in my opinion.

  • 10 years ago

    It's a one shot goal with no future. With ice found on the Moon, it would be much better suited for a long term presence with water to drink and irrigate, oxygen to breathe, and hydrogen for rocket fuel. An asteroid landing is a stunt, a Moon presence can lead to bigger and better things.

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  • 10 years ago

    dambed fine idea!!.... the Moon isn't going to come by and smack us and neither is Mars..... but....those asteroids is a different matter!.... I think it's the best use of minds and funds since the Apollos!.....knock Obama now at your own peril... cuz if it comes out that one day we NEED what he's telling us to go do now, he'll be a hero for thinking ahead.... I'm in his corner, all the way!....Russia's thinking along the same lines....does that not bear a second look at the usefullness of the project??......

  • 3 years ago

    good question, the 1st moon touchdown had a good number of conspiracy theories revolving around it till now they even landed, and as quickly as they did it merely took off. (yet dont all conspiracies) a number of the biggest issues people the place happening the place how the photos taken from the lunar touchdown internet site had no stars interior the sky you will possibly think of their be much with out environment. skeptics say by way of fact astronomers may be waiting to tell a pretend. the reason? low mild digicam the moon is astonishing! direct mild from the sunlight with out environment to dam it out and with the low mild might erase stars. yet another great piece people many times use is, properly if we made it on July 20, 1969 and we've greater ideal tech now , why is it so annoying to land there now. Safty is the biggest reason, cccp had beat us into area, on each and every element previous this and on the cases it grew to become into deemed significant for the U. S. to make the subsequent vast bounce "the moon". As all people that grew to become into area of that assist you to appreciate, there grew to become into in effortless terms a small threat of turning out to be it, and it grew to become into fairly much scrubbed on many bills, alongside with touchdown with much less then 5 minutes of gasoline. After manned area flights grew to become greater time-honored, NASA had a string of undesirable rep plus failures that one and all yet stopped this methodology. I beleive we landed, and that i beleive those interior the craft offered a lotto cost ticket and have been given fortunate. Had safty standards been as severe then as now, we does not of went to the moon. I additionally sense its not quite a large feat of the U. S., yet a large feat that mankind oftentimes grew to become into waiting to attain out from our tiny little rock and touch what no another of our species case you reasearch the conspiracy theories you may often stumble on a non government or nasa individual who can thoroughly shoot that concept finished of holes. And Mars would be a lot diffrent reason its many countries working togather not in effortless terms one, so the conspiracies would be lessened. (yet nonetheless there) desire it helped.

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