Suggest fresh colors for spring update in living room.........?

Could you suggest some ways I can bring some life into my living room. I have medium brown paneling, grey carpet and burgundy couches that have to stay. I have touches of gold in pillows and accessories. It all seems too dull and depressing.

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    The first thing I do when changing to a spring summer look is find an area rug. Something like this would work

    Then use the colors from it to rethink your window and accent pieces. For this rug with your current colors I would take the cream and red clay color. Get paint in those colors and go to a thrift shop. Find ceramic vases in the shape you want paint them with the 2 tones. Get accent pillows and panels to blend.

    Those are just ideas to perk you ...but adding the area rug on the grey abyss will go a long way to enlivening your look.

    For instance here is another area rug option With light mustard yellow pillows and sheers and accents you can brighten the room easily. The simplest things will add art

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    Is there a way you could paint the paneling? If so that is a good option.

    As for the couches, why not look into slip covers? You can change out the slip covers whenever you get bored and it can add some visual interest to the space. It also makes clean up easier if something get spilled on the couch.

    I know it may seem weird, but something that a lot of designers are doing now is putting an area rug on a carpet to help bring color into the space.

    Some things that would work in your space:

    Silver/silver colored metals - gives it a more upscale feeling, also provides a good source of reflective surfaces

    bring in plants - real or artificial. They can be large or small, but bringing in plants will make the space seem more inviting and (if they're real) improve indoor air quality.

    get a glass top coffee and/or end table - adds a reflective surface and it increases the visual interest of the space

    Find some accents that no only contrast your couch, but compliment it as well; and bring in some darker neutrals. It will help unify your space if things dont stand out without justification.

    Put in more interesting window treatments - you can go with interesting drapes with sheers underneath or some blinds that you like with sheers over them. The sheers are great cause they let in light, but you can also keep them closed if you arent thrilled by the view.

    I hope this helped.

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    Think Moroccan inspiration add some colorful pillows and accents to the room, even purple, fuchsia bright blues,golds,orange

    art can be even mirrors,wall hangings in fabrics, can brighten walls

    Metal finish on baskets,frames,lamp base can be done with spray paint.

    If possible paint your paneling if desired.

    Lamp shade liners are nice.

    Replace heavy window treatments with a simple drape of gauzy fabric. This type of material is very inexpensive at the fabric store if you are inclined to sew if needed.

    Bring In Plants- Greenery always adds a breath of fresh air to a room. If you don't have a green thumb, try silk plants and trees. The quality has gotten so good that its hard to distinguish them from the real thing.

    Do fresh flowers look for a good reasonable source.

    Look at your paneling is it porous? Usually the veneer prevents paint from sticking.

    Possible to add a bright color stenciling to paneling using a mix of dish liquid and acyclic paint (do a test area)

    This is removable with warm water and microfiber rag.

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    Somthing which would go well with all the colors you want to keep, but still would give frshness to the room is green. Think of green themed wall hangings or posters.

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    1] Color Options:

    pink, rose

    [ peach does not sound good with burgundy! ]

    butter or lemon

    celery, sage, light lime, leaf greens


    powder or sky blue

    2] add some leafy or flowering plants - in brass, chrome, stone or wicker planters

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    bring in some peach

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