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Girl wants to take things slow but I want to move a little faster?

Yea so I asked this girl out recently she said yes but she wants to take things really slow. She doesnt even want to meet up with me to talk yet, according to her she has to get used to the guy first before she can go out. She's really shy and so she is kinda scared what can I do to make her comfortable? I already tried calling her on the phone but she says she's too scared to pick up the phone and talk to me. I guess i'm the first guy that she really liked that has actually asked her out so it makes her more nervous than ever. How long do I have to wait until she gets comfortable around me so we can get things moving and what can I do to calm her down? She gets really nervous when she sees me and sometimes tries to avoid me, the only time she talks to me is on facebook. Iol also when I try talking to her in person she blushes really bad and her voice gets really soft so i stopped doing it because it made me feel bad that I was doing that her. Btw im 17 she's 16

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    10 years ago

    I'm shy but not nearly to this extent. KEEP talking to her in person...she might be blushing and nervous but the only way she'll get past it is if she gets used to it, don't feel bad because she WANTS to talk to you. Assure her often that you're into her, she needs a lot of reassurance of that, to make her more comfortable with opening up to you.

    She's likely going to take more time than average in EVERY category of the relationship. It starts with talking, then hanging out, then physical/emotional be prepared to be patient.

    Good luck! :)

  • Diane
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    If you aren't going to wait for her, you do not deserve her. Just respect her, and do not push to hard or she will not want to go out with you. Lots of people want to move faster than the other person in a relationship, but you seriously have to just respect her, dude. Because everyone has their boundaries, and if you do not push those boundaries, then she will probably be ready to move a little faster, at a better pace. You weren't actually expecting to have sex immediately when you started seeing her anyways did you? Wait for her until she's ready, be kind to her, and your relationship will seriously be so much better if she is happy with it! Seriously, you just stared dating her, so don't expect sex yet! When both of you are ready, it will be so much better. If you will not wait for her, it means you do not truly love, or even really like her that much, and do not just break her heart by being a jackass who only wants sex! If a person truly cares for and loves a person, they will wait for them til the ends of the earth. But obviously that isnt the case here, being that she just isn't quite ready to have sex at the very freaking start of your freaking relationship. So you gotta respect her boundaries, and make sure that you are not just with her becuase you want to be with her in a physical way, or else you should not be with her at all. Just freaking respect her man. Ugh

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    Why do you want to move a little faster? What are you trying to achieve?

    It seem that it is obvious to you that she is not ready to have a boyfriend. So chill. Continue communicating with her in facebook where she is comfortable. Talking to her seems ok. She will just have to get used to it. Maybe short conversations in person is a good way to start. It will also help her overcome her shyness a little.

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    Walk up to her, say hi (nice and soft voice). Ask about her day, walk or stand beside her. Hover alittle closer to her and see where the good range is. Very lightly, casually touch her hand.. look at her when you talk too, and as you touch her hand. I really think i'm going to regret helping you, but i might as well... and who knows, i've never done any of this bs i'm spilling out. It just sounds right.

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    i've been with a guy for 6 months, and i know that i still get nervous when i talk to him on the phone when i see his caller ID calling.But try to be friendly, nice and just gentle.give her maybe a month before try talking to her about it, and ask if shes rly comfortable in this relationship or of luck!

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    I guess ,being a girl myself, that you should not push her but go with the flow. The more you push her the more nervous she is going to get. Probably because it's sort of nerve wrecking when we go out with a older guy...because it is like really cool to go out with a older guy and she wants to impress you and not embarrass you.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    It sounds like she's painfully shy. Don't give up hope; be persistent but gentle. I think she wants to talk to you, she just gets scared. Good luck; she's probably worth it!

    Source(s): I'm a shy girl myself.
  • aw :(

    just talk to her, be outgoing around her, your right she is moving really slow.. but give her time, get to know her better, and go out on like a group date or something

  • 10 years ago

    this seems like the story line of a chick flick lol

    You should watch some and take notes

  • You got yourself a good girl. Deal with it. Endure. In the end, it will be worth it. It already is.

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