Can a bull thread a needle while charging the fabric to quilt a shroud for the bullfighter?

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    1 decade ago
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    Bulls never thread needles , apart from being far too clumsy to carry out such a delicate task bulls expect that women will do all that sort of thing. Bulls are the ultimate chauvinist pigs on earth ....... maybe that should read , the ultimate chauvinist bulls on earth , anyway they will never do any needlework , though needle sharp horns for jabbing with is an altogether different proposal.

    Source(s): EDIT?????????? jp I have just checked out the Mexican and Spanish sites and although Toros appears under Sociedad y Cultura it does not appear on the list as an option when you try to post a question. So it is exactly the same situation as for the New Zealand site. It seems to me that PETA has an agent embedded in Yahoo who has removed bullfighting completely.
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    You have a lot of time on your hands don't you.

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