What is up with everyone saying Christina Aguilera is copying Lady Gaga?

Ever since her new single "Not Myself Tonight" came out people have been saying that she is copying lady gaga,even Akon. First off Christina announced what her new album would be electro/pop before lady gaga even came to notice.Christina has been in this business for YEARS!! she doesn't need to gain a new fanbase or get more attention because she already has all of that and has had it way before gaga was even known,everytime a artist doe's something new they are accused of trying to be like lady gaga as if she created the word "unique" or something when in my opinon she isn't all that unique,everything she doing we have already seen before,she's just appealing to the younger people. Christina has decades of hits so what would be the point of her trying to copy of off someone else? I'm not a hater of lady gaga i just dont see very many comparisons between her and someone like christina aguilera besides there both blonde and sing.


I'm not giving any thumbs down,i respect others people's opinions.

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    It does sound Gaga-ish. But Christina's natural voice sounds SO much better than electro and Lady Gaga. I am so disappointed at her. I been a fan of Christina since she first came out (Around 1999). She has one of the best R&B/Soul voice I have ever heard and then, Why Electro? :'(

    Lady Gaga changed music no matter if we deny it or not. And I don't like the change!

    I am NOT a fan of Lady Gaga, but I do respect her.

  • People who haven't seen her lately forgot and think everything like that is done by Lady GaGa! TRUTH IS ITS NOT! In the end everyone is "copying", note the apostrophes, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Cher and other pioneers. Christina has been doing what she does for years and really didn't copy Lady GaGa! I remember in 2006, before Lady GaGa came about, Christina said she was going to go futuristic in her next album. Gosh some Lady GaGa fans are crazy! Yea she doesn't define the world 'unique' and certainly is not the most creative and original artist!

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    Well first of all Christina Aguilera came out first and was always that way they are totally different and me and my friend was watching an interview which Lady Gaga said that she looks up to Christina, Madonna, and Brittney.Next they are very different if you really pay attention also they should not be compared.Lastly,they are both cool with each other.

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    Kinda funny because when Lady Gaga was an unknown they were saying Gaga was trying to be like Christina Aguilera. Oh how people forget what they say and Lady Gaga haven't been out that long. Also Christina always dressed weird but back then she was called tacky. Now it's called unique.

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    I agree. Just because Christina Aguilera is being more edgy doesn't mean she is copying Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga is overrated.

    A lot of the controversial things that she does is no where close to what Aguilera has done. I think she is a good entertainer and I like the fact she is making music videos an event again but she isn't anything too different and I'm not sure she will last long.

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    Because, Christina called lady gaga a man

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    Polow da Don produced "Not Myself Tonight". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polow_da_Don

    I think that Polow da Don directly intended for his beat to sound similar to the beats that are made for Lady Gaga. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RedOne_production_dis...

    Four of Lady Gaga's hit singles have been produced by RedOne. I strongly believe that Polow da Dan's production of this song reflects the sound of those songs.

    Does that mean Christina is copying Lady Gaga? You can argue that point as long as you want. In my opinion, it is clear that Polow da Don is imitating the sound of RedOne.

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    She isn't copying her.

    Christina been around longer and people clearly haven't seen Christina "Keeps Gettin' Better


  • Gaga surely isn't appealing to me quite the opposite.

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    CA is sooooo not copying lady gaga! right after christina got that haircut, lady gaga came out and did the same. Christina has been a hit since the 90's and lady gaga is a new weirdo from trannytown.....

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