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My partners boss wants his ABN number?

Hey there;

I'm enquiring on behalf of my partner because he recieved an email from his boss asking him for his ABN number and this doesn't make any sense?

His been working for his company for about 4 months now and has never been taxed and I was puzzled by this...But, now after 4 months he now wants my partners ABN and said to either apply online or through a tax agent.

The only sense I could make out of this, is that prehaps his boss wants him to pay his own tax?

Is this correct or his boss a total idiot?

Advice would be muchly appriciated!

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    If your partner is an employee then he only needs to provide his TFN and his gross weekly wage will be taxed by his employer.


    If your partner is classed as a contractor then he needs to supply his 'boss' with his ABN.

    As a contractor he is classed as self employed and is responsible for his own taxes.

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  • 4 years ago

    You sound like you are intelligent and have yourself together after dealing with quite a bit of adversity. I can't understand why you would consider doing something like this which would more than likely put you back into a similar financial situation that you'd have to pull yourself out of again. By the way, if he's paying you under the table, does that mean you have unreported income also? Doesn't that put you in the same boat with him as far as not paying taxes, etc. Just a thought.

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    As aussie sheila said. It would seem that your partner is actually not an employee of the boss but a sub-contractor. Suggest that you immediatley clarify this as it has huge ramifications on your partner's tax bill

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