Talking to a girl you don't know?

There's a girl on my college bus so I see her every morning and just this week I started to think she's rather cute and want to get to know her but don't really know how to start it she seems kind of a shy girl on the bus but I came up with something STUPID but I told some girls about it and they thought it was nice to start a convo what it is is getting some sweets and offering the girl some and then just slowly starting a convo with eachother I just think it's rather stupid that one haha what does anyone think i should do??

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    1 decade ago
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    That is rather cute! I'm a girl and I would be flattered if you did that to me.

    But if you feel like a doosh doing it, then just sit in front of her (or in the same seat as her) and strike up a conversation the old-fashioned way: "hi, what your name?" She will appreciate it because it's genuine :)

    let me know how it goes!! :)

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