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Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds off the internet and get them shipped to Australia?

ive been looking on websites like pick n and where they say they will discreetly ship marijuana seeds worldwide.

but what i wanna know is:

-has anyone from Australia recieved marijuana seeds they have bought off the net?

-are these websites just scams?

-can customs seize the seeds and if they do can you get charged for trying to import an illegal substance?

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    It is in fact illegal to import marijuana seeds into Australia, cannibis itself is listed as an illegal substance under Customs (PROHIBITED IMPORTS) Regulations 1956, Schedule 4: Drugs (regulation 5) and customs regulations also states that for specific plants/herbs etc the seeds may be imported only for scientific research purposes and must have a special permit granted by many levels of government. Customs will most likely intercept them.

    It's up to you whether or not you are willing to take the chance, but there have been prosecutions of people for attempting to import illegal substances.

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    Regarding the county you are living in, the law change a bit, It's true that it's illegal but most case you will be charged a fine (up to $200) for possession of cannabis seed (how hypocrite is our government?).

    Anyway, most seeds are banned for import to OZ so ...

    The K-Man is wrong, I know a few peops who bought their cannabis seeds online with no problems.

    It's also easy to find, this site for eg sell "collections cannabis seeds"

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    Don't buy them !!!! there fake seeds, I bought like 200 dollars worth last year and shipped it into Melbourne, they were plastic ! it's all fake all of them sites, i think I'll stick to buying my weed off the locals, where they get it from is the least of my concerns, especially when i'm firing a juciy fat blunt :D

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    I would like to buy cannabis seeds to make cannabis oil. cannabis oil cures cancer and other illnesses, so I would like to have it for medicinal purpose, where from can I buy it in australia? ppl check the video 'run from the cure' by Rick Simpson. he cured many ppl with cannabis oil and was prosecuted by canadian government. Our governments are corrupted and put in place antihuman laws that take away our freedoms.

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    Sadly, no. That does not stop some people from buying from companies on the internet that will disguise the product in things such as t-shirts or in CD cases.

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    Dude, just wait till you get some male bud, or ask your dealer for male bud and you'll get seeds.

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