How to check if the perfume is authentic?

Help! I am buying a perfume from a local perfume shop which is cheaper 1/3 of the original price from a department store. Any tips how to spot an original perfume from fake ones just by looking at the box or bottle? Someone advised that original perfumes have control numbers but my brother bought a fake one with a control number too.

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    1. Look at the outer packaging.

    If your bottle came shrink wrapped pay attention to the quality of the wrapping. It should fit cleanly and snugly around the box and be made of clear, unwrinkled high-quality cellophane. If the box of perfume did not come shrink wrapped, don't worry, some sellers remove the shrink wrap prior to selling. The next things you can look for are on the boxes themselves. Look up the fragrance online and compare the box you have with the pictures of the ones online to see if yours looks similar. If there's a design element out of place, the font used is different or the box you have looks like it's a much lower quality then be suspicious. Real boxes should have nice sharp corners, and be made of high quality paper. If the box is flimsy or fits the bottle poorly then be suspicious. Next, check the spelling and grammar on the box. If anything is misspelled, that is a tell-tale sign that you have a fake.

    2. Look at the bottle.

    Real perfume bottles are detailed and made of high-quality glass with specific design elements to make them unique and easy to identify. If your fragrance bottle has visible faults in the glass, isn’t made of the materials it should be, has a defective sprayer, or lacks the usual markings in the right places (brand name, fragrance name, logos, serial numbers, lot numbers) then be very suspicious. If it looks shoddy, then it's probably fake. Similar to the boxes, also check the grammar and spelling. Look up images of real bottles online and pay attention to the fine details. For example, some fake bottles of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle lack some of the key, minor, details that the real bottles exhibit.

    3. The fragrance.

    Real perfume liquid should be crystal clear. There should be nothing swimming in there like sediment. If you’ve got cloudy perfume, or perfume that has mysterious little bits and pieces in it then be very suspicious and whatever you do, do not spray it on yourself. You do not know what chemicals went into composing it, you also may not know if it is fake or just simply expired.

    Real fragrances are complex and have three layers, top notes, middle notes, and base notes. Most counterfeits won’t smell like the real thing. They may smell similar but have a flat, one-dimensional quality to them. Or they might smell completely different from what you remember. If you suspect you have a fake, head to a department store and try to spray some of the real stuff onto a scent blotter (the paper strips some stores provide people to test fragrances on), then go home and spray your suspected fake on another blotter and compare the two. Again, do not spray it on yourself if you think you have a fake.

    4. Look for the lot (control) number.

    This one is less reliable than the three above because some counterfeiters have gotten very good at duping the bottles and packaging. All higher end perfumes have lot numbers on them. Depending on the company, the location of these numbers may vary and change over time as fragrance houses try to outsmart the counterfeiters. What you should look for is a three to four digit number, usually located on the bottom of the bottle of perfume either etched into the glass, inked onto the glass, or on the sticker itself. Sometimes you can find these lightly etched in to the glass on the side of the bottle, and sometimes lightly etched on the sprayer nozzle. There's a number of other places you can find these too so keep an eye out. When you find this number, compare it to the number that is usually embossed, printed, or lightly etched on the box the bottle came in (usually you can find this in the same place the barcode is located on the box). These two numbers should match. If they do not match, someone may be selling you a fake. If you can't even find the lot number, be very suspicious but don't jump to conclusions based on this alone as you may just be overlooking them.

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