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OK, i cant have a german shepherd...but i can have a belgian malinois...?

Alright so i've been apartment searching in the metro detroit area and there are practically no apt. complexes that allow german shepherds. Sure i could go to the one apt complex that actually allows GSD's but what if it doesn't work out there? Then i have a beautiful, intelligent dog that no where else will allow there. So through the advice of some other yahoo answer members, I have looked into the Belgian Malinois. They are very similar to a german shepherd however I have 2 questions::

1. Although the Belgian Malinois is not listed as an aggressive breed like the GSD at these apt complexes, could the management at the complexes still deny this breed for whatever reason??

2. Belgian Malinois owners: how would you describe the temperament of the malinois? I can read all i want in dog books and the internet, but i really want some experienced owners opinions. I know that they say the malinois is high this comparable to a husky, or weimaraner? just any advice on the breed would be great.

thanks everyone for your help...

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    I suggest you contact local animal shelters & ask them or even local vet offices, if they can refer you to apartments that take dogs. Dog savvy-people may know more about housing that allows pets. Also check to see if there's a local GSD dog club & ask the same of them.

    I find it bizarre that apartment complexes consider GSD to be aggressive. Only dogs used by the police & trained to be attack dogs (Schutzund trained) are generally "aggressive" and only ON COMMAND. Due to GSD health problems, many police departments have now gone to Begians Malinois, btw. All police dogs have to well-trained, to stop and drop or let go, instantly, if trained to bite.

    Yes, GSD are generally a protective breed, but where are the bites statistics to say the breed is dangerous? Okay, I know you may be just hitting a prejudiced brick wall (they have pre-determined, mis-informed information based on police dog actions, not pets). I also find it odd, that so many apt complexes don't allow dogs or this breed. I'd better understand an issue with pit-bulls, since many in the drug trade & gangs own them and the brred tends to have a bad "bite-rap" since many are used for fightin

  • An apartment can ban whatever breed they want. In fact the mali is actually banned in several towns.

    Temperment: Loving toward their owner, willing to run into the fire when everyone else runs out, a mali will go until its dead and still keep going.

    They are very high energy. More high energy than you'll ever read. Unlike a husky or weim, you can't just run these dogs for a few hours and they'll be good to go, they've gotta work their minds or they'll be like the energizer bunny after a 12 hour run.

    Yes they are often mistaken for GSD mixes, yes they are in the same group of dogs, but they are far from a GSD.

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    My dog is a German Shepard Belgian malinois mix

  • Unfortunetly, apartment owners can deny a dog for any reason.

    But ShepHERDS, are a working breed as is the Malinois, and wouldn't be happy in an apartment, UNLESS they were being exercise daily, and I mean RUNNING, for a few hours. Not a walk.

    The Malinois was bred for it's endurance, so a large yard would be best, which you obviously can't get in an apartment.

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    Well, I've never had a Malinois, but I would recommend a Dutch shepherd. They're just like GSDs except they come from different places and the Dutchie is more affectionate. However, they're less common than the GSD so they might cost more from breeders. But I don't know, probably not :)

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    The problem with a Malinois is that it looks enough like a GSD that your landlord would probably object to you having one. If you can stand a little mroe hair, go with the Belgian sheepdog or the Tervuren. They're basically the same dog, but look less Sheperd.

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    An apartment owner can deny any dog for any reason.

    I would personally never advise an inexperienced person to get a Mal. They are pretty hard core dogs and you'd better know what you're doing or you're going to have some pretty major problems.

    GSD's are on my list of breeds to consider. Mals are not. They're way more than I need and probably more than I care to handle. I find them to be far too squirrely for me, and I happen to think they are kinda ugly. Just personal preference, I guess.

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    Belgian Malinois is like a working line German Shepherd--and looks quite similar. Your apartment owner can deny the dog for any reason, but likely will be because of its striking resemblance to the German Shepherd.

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    The Management of the complex...since they are the ones that OWN the complex...can deny anything that they choose

    The energy is not comparable to a husky or a weimaraner....its higher, they are working dogs...not apartment dogs

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    They can't deny this dog because it has no aggression and if you have papers saying he's not a GSD then I don't see the problem unless they have a weight limit.

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