Girl looking over at me?

Okay I made a question awhile back

about me liking this girl on the college bus who I don't know but thinks is really cute and I'm tryin to get the courage to go talk to her but keep gettin nervous thinking she might just ignore me but yesterday on the bus we were on diffrent seats but same row and her head was always in my direction and after awhile I looked over and her eyes were on me but when I looked over she quickly moved her eyes to look somwhere else does this mean anything???

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    Yes, when someone does that means that she/he is interested in something or someone, so I think shes interested in you or she finds you interesting. So go ahead and talk to her! you have anything to lose! :)

    Good luck!

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    I'm not sure if this means you're in college or around the age of 18, but, if so, you should already know what to do!!

    She could just be looking around and not even actually looking at you.

    To find out, say HELLO to her, make eye contact and smile. This is a a no-brainer. If she smiles and says hello back, then you've got something. If not, then there's your answer.

    Can you try to move and sit by her? Can you talk to her after the bus or before? Come on, be creative? Write her a note..girls like stuff like that.

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    To be honest, I can stare at people regardless if I am attracted to them and when they look at me, I immediately look away. The way I would approach this situation is to go up to her in the bus and say, my name is ______ and we're always on the bus together. What classes are you taking. I think what you need to do is just start a conversation with her. When you approach her don't even have the intent of asking for her number. I think if you like her, you need to take it slowly. Since you see her on the bus everyday, you will have plenty of opportunities to get to know her and eventually it will be natural for you to ask for her number or get off the bus together and grab a coffee.

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    well , everyone is different , so im not really sure if tht means anything. but , when i stare at a guy he either really ugly , or i want himm :] lol , so you should prollie wave or something next time she looks at you.. if she waves bck , try to tlk to her.. but not tht same day.. the next day.. or maybe laterr tht day..

    hope i helped :]

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    Yes. It means everything. Then it's your turn to look at her. And when her eyes meet your then you smile (a friendly smile). Then if she smiles back talk to her. :)

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    she may think your cute too and doesn't want you to see her looking at you.

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    maybe she was rethinking it

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