Adjusting computer for best performance after adding memory?

I just upgraded my desktop from 256MB of memory to 2 GB. I was wondering if there were any adjustments I should make to the computer's settings to maximize it's performance. I've noticed that programs boot up much quicker and run better in general, but when I bring up the task manager, under the "performance" tab it says my CPU usage is still at 100% quite often. If this a function of the memory not being allocated properly somehow, or me just running programs that are a little too heavy duty for my cheap little computer?

My computer is a Dell Dimension with a 2.5GHz Celeron processor running Windows XP, if that helps.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Adam
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    1 decade ago
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    The way modern computers are designed encourages maximum use of resources in order to complete instructions as quickly as possible. The memory allocations are done automatically by your operating system, so long as the OS and processor can both support the amount of RAM.

    Your CPU and RAM work independently of one another (in general terms) so more RAM typically won't effect the CPU usage. Celeron processors are single core, and typically low end, so usage spikes of 100% are not all that surprising.

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    Only a few things after such upgrade

    Change your PageFile to fixed - Min 4000MB and Max 4000MB

    Defrag your hard drive afterward

    Run spyware checks (ie )

    Update your AV software

    Should give you a good boost

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    ANYTIME you use your PC, it uses all its' resources to provide you w/the PC fastest capabilities-you can turn up the performance through the BIOs'-take it to someone who knows what the capabiltes are so you do not mess up your PC beyond Repair ! ! ! !

  • 1 decade ago

    Adam is an idiot.

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