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What cycling shoes do you wear?

Please state your gender, size and the type of riding that you do.

How does the sizing compare to normal footwear? I normally wear US 10 or 10.5 sized running shoes.

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    Hi, i average about 115 miles per day as i cycle full time

    i suggest you buy shimano spd sl

    thats what i ride there very lite and comfortable.

    i suggest you get a size eleven because unlike shoes your feet are going to be moving alot

    Hope ive helped

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    I am male, 5 foot 3, and do Triathlons. I use Shimano TR31 shoes and think that they are great.

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    1 decade ago

    something to consider, my favorite shoe, is SPD sandals

    if you don;t know what SPD means, i can;t help you


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