What is the role of the capillaries surrounding the nephron?

Would love to be given a basic anwser to this question, would help me greatly and be much appreciated :))

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    Nephrons control the blood pressure and cleanliness by regulating the amounts of sodium and ammonia in the bloodstream. The amount of sodium in the bloodstream controls the blood pressure, while any ammonia must be filtered out, as it is poisonous to the body. The capillaries surrounding the nephron give it access to the bloodstream, so it my change and monitor it sw contents.

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    The capillaries surrounding the nephron are called the vasa recta, these vessels are narrow and have a slow flow. The nephron pumps ions from the urine into the intercellular space to force the reabsorption of water (that will follow the ions into the body again).

    This is done by a mechanism called a counter-current exchanger, the ions finally enter into the vasa recta and the structure of this net prevents them from escaping into the main circulation. The capillaries are built in such a way that the veins coming out of it will find themselves side-by-side with the arteries going into the vasa recta, ions will flow from the highly concentrated veins into the relatively clean arteries entering the strcuture and will reenter the exchanger again.

    The role of these capillaries is to trap these ions pumped by the nephron and conserve the concentration gradient of the nephron.

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