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Words associated, or words that sound like something like the mood the color yellow would have?

okay, this is kind of hard to explain. But, me and a couple other people have to write a sound poetry piece, and we must do it on the color yellow. We've decided that we will do a list of words that remind us of the mood the color yellow brings us. So; words that SOUND like the type of personalities yellow would have if we were to personify it...

We decided to do 2 moods that yellow kind of represents:

a bright, bubbly (but not TOO hyper) kind of mood (examples would be: bumble-bee, stamp, popsicle, martini, hop, beat, utopia (words that sound bright and bubbly, and have a nice rhythm, to them)

and the second type of mood: more of a mellow, yet content and cool type of mood: lemon, honey, soother, syrup, etc etc. (...words that are rather smooth, but still have a happy like feel to them)

any ideas of words to use (even if you can only think of 1... anything is helpful.)

.... sorry if you don't really understand. haha, i'm not so good at explaining things.


* sorry if i posted in the wrong category.... wasn't sure whether to post here or in poetry...*

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    first type

    sparkling, fizzy, effervescent, vivacious, animated, ebullient, exuberant, lively, high-spirited, zestful, bouncy, buoyant, carefree; merry, happy, cheerful, perky, sunny, bright; informal upbeat

    second type

    smooth, creamy, velvety, tranquil, undisturbed, unruffled, effortless, the smooth tone of the clarinet, dulcet, soothing, sweet, honeyed, mellifluous, melodious, lilting, lyrical, suave, urbane, sophisticated, polished, debonair; courteous, gracious

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