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Who sheds more. Alaskan Malamute or Border Collie?

Do they both shed all year round?

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    Alaskan Malamute by a landslide.

    Source(s): I own one.
  • Sarah
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    4 years ago

    I AM a Malamute Owner . i also did a year worth of research because SO many people told me the malamute was not for me but i admire there beauty and there intellegence . i know more about malamutes then my parents and im only 15 :p i say that you really seem to love this breed . as exercise , you could take him/her to walks every now and then . my malamute if i do not take her on walks everyday she will get mad but that is because when she was a pup she got used to walks and runs with me my neighbor has a malamute and she DOES NOT enough walks ther for i think it really depends how you want your malmaute not each one will be the same . they are beautiful dogs they are GREAT with children and they get house trained pretty fast! my malamute got house trained in 3 days ! believe it or not 3 days! there coat is amazing until you hit spring:( you can say they have"layers" of coat they undercoat is like sheep skin! crazyy . but they never shed , (at least mine didnt) but now that its spring/summer weather she is shedding alot ! its crazy how much she will shed but they shed in chunks ! which is less work . if you seem who he/she obeys more then that person should train him/her some malamutes can get aggressive once they are 1-2 years old is what i have been hearing . . from a lot of malamutes but as long as you keep her socialized with other dogs your good . another good thing is be VERY careful who she plays with . my malamute would NEVER mind if some other dog had her bone . she wouldn't care if you pet her when she was eating but she started have this husky over and that husky is AGGRESSIVE and words can't explain and my malamute started catching what the husky was doing . so there is no more play time with her and now i have my malamute back : ) non-aggressive and loveable i got my malamute from a breeder in kentucky and he just does not breed any malamute he breeds GIANT malamute my malamute dad weighs about 134-145 pounds . pretty big ! good luck with your malmaute i hope you fall in love with him/her .

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    Aaskan Malamute

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Malamutes shed WAAAAYYYYY more. seriously, lol.

    Former Border collie owner, present husky & malamute owner.

    My malamute is blowing her coat right now, when we gave her a bath on saturday our backyard looked like a sudden blizzard had struck because it was covered in white fur (and we have a whole 1/2 an acre back there!). They shed ridiculously, haha.

    But yes, both do shed year round, but Malamutes obviously shed much more.

    Source(s): doggie experience.
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  • 10 years ago

    Malamute by bagfuls.

    Depends on the lifestyle. Inside a warm house, possibly. Normally Mals only shed when they "blow coat" once or twice a year. BC's probably shed more continually but they also blow undercoat in spring - it's just a lot less than a sled-type dog.

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