How would you synthesis p-bromoaniline from nitrobenzene?

Not sure on how i would do this. Some help would be good. thanks

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    Reduce the NO2 group to NH2 using hydrogen gas with a catalyst of palladium on carbon. This gives you aniline.

    As NH2 is an ortho/para directing group, you can introduce a bromine at the para position by electrophilic aromatic substitution. Simply react with Br2 and an FeBr3 catalyst. You'll get a mix of products, with p-bromoaniline being the main one.

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    Synthesis Of Nitrobenzene

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    aniline + Br2/FeBr3 leads to tribromoaniline and a big mess

    consider aniline + (CH3CO)2O ---> acetanilide + FeBr3/Br2 ---> p-bromoacetanilide + H+/H2O ---> product

    Source(s): ph.d. organic chemist
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