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Rate 1-10 If I could possibly be Schizoaffective with Bipolar (Not actuall diognoses)?

Months and months ago, I have felt really differently but not in a good way. Here is why....

I have suddenly got minor hallucination during the day and night i.e hearing sounds change from another and people don't have a clue what i'm on about. The ones I get at night happen less than the ones during the day but the ones at night are worse. During the day I sometimes imagine someone there and one time I heard a burp out of nowhere but no one in my class heard anything.

I'm also easily guilty for no reason when a situation has happened that has nothing to do with me. I sometimes cry or laugh uncontrollably but thank goodness that's not everyday. It's more than just a personality trait because even someone who is generally guilty would not get it as bad as me, because my heart rate gets very fast and I feel like am am leing about something when there is nothing to lie about. I hate lies and the problem with that is that can be too honest and people sometimes say i'm being rude when I make a comment.

My sleep patterns are always changing. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night either feeling wide awake for hot. Usually I wake up early in the morning feeling tired but cannot get back to sleep again. When I was a little kid, I used get dreams where I was in great pain and I struggled waking up.

Everyday I get these headaches and medicine makes no effect unless I am actually ill. I am almost used to my headaches.

At times I am very disorganized in my thinking, work and memory. I get into a lot of trouble for forgetting homework or my equipment for school.

I get voices that try to help me but most of the times they are hopeless

My motivation is generally poor. I usually just lye in bed daydreamingdaydreamingeaing is what I do 24/7 almost.

At least once a day I become very hypo. Usually every so many minutes I suddenly become irritable. My moods are always changing much too often. I get almost the same moods every single day it's insane.

When I sometimes play fight with my brother and sister, I always go over the top for no reason and then I end up hurting them, even when I try a little. When I feel angry or hypo, that is where I get more violent because of the mass of energy in me.

I have taken depression tests online and some say mild, some say mod, some say cyclothmia and one said maybe seasonal depression. I have taken a Bipolar test and I usually get results saying mild or a high chance of having it. I got 68% twice in a test for paranoid schizophrenia. The lucky thing about me is that I would never commit suicide or self harm, life is something where I want to live forever young.

I am always paranoid about something I sometimes get hallucinations where people are behind me watching me at school or at home on my laptop. I hate to be at a place to earlier or late because I get paranoid that I might get in trouble, no idea why. I nearly had a panic attack once all because of this delusion I had.

I always say and do without thinking nearly all the time. My thoughts tend to go by fast at times and it gets very confusing for me. I tend to take my time with things, very slow at getting things done. Sometimes my handwriting is neat and then suddenly so scruffy it's eligible to read.

Sometimes when I feel confident I end up rushing the work and make loads of mistakes like this.

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    First of all I wouldn’t be looking to label yourself with diagnosis’s of major mental health illness (especially at such a young age) such as bi polar or schizophrenia, as symptoms of both illnesses must be present for a long time and of a very serious nature for such a diagnosis to be made. Your symptoms could be put down to an episode of psychosis, which you can make a full recovery from with early intervention. Everyone in the world has a vulnerability to psychosis and the symptoms you describe are very typical of it. Online testing is a very inaccurate way of determining mental health illness, even psychologists don’t come to conclusions so quickly especially with younger patients they normally like to assess twice over just to be sure. Things that may contribute to an episode of psychosis occurring include you early experiences such as abuse, bereavement ect, your situation approximately 6 months leading up to the onset of symptoms (stress, major life events etc). i suggest you look at it’s a really helpful website that looks at early intervention in psychosis it provides information about symptoms, treatment and loads of other stuff.

    Hope this has helped you and good luck

    Source(s): mental health nurse
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    I know quite a lot about depression because I have it myself, and some things you mentioned veer more to depression. But because you mentioned the mood swings I think you are more bipolar depressed rather than clinically depressed. However I tend to have extreme mood swings like I'd feel really down in the morning then become really hyperactive just so my emotions won't pull others down but I get easily irritated and angry, it's a vicious cycle... As for hearing voices, if they are malicious or they tell you to do bad things then I would assume it's schizophrenia..however by what I've read ..I don't know it might to mild schizo...but it might be something else... you might be a bit psychic?? You never know, you did say they tried to help you.

    I think you've done really well trying to find out why you act differently to others... but because of these various symptoms you really do need to see someone like a doctor...though saying that, it makes me a hypocrite. As for the paranoia, I think you have social anxiety disorder (SAD) try out the test and see if you score highly that's if you haven't taken it already.

    I'd rate you as 8 out of 10.

    I really do hope you find out what it is and recover from it, I do have an idea of how you must be feeling and I hope you sort out your personal problems too :) take care x

    ps you can email me

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    You really need to see a doctor/psych to get a diagnose. You do sound like there is something going on. So do go and get checked. Print this out to help you when talking to the doctor/psych. Not a doctor/psych just someone who has been there and still is.

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    Have you seen anyone about these things.. or have you just taken the online tests and things?

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    10 years ago

    Lol it sounds like you're posed by a demon.

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