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Aquarius man. Birth Chart. Sex?

I would like to know anything you could tell me about this man in bed. A physical thing.

What is his way of flirting?

What would he be like in bed?

What kind of look is he drawn to?

Any hidden kinks or things he is likely to enjoy?

Sun Aquarius

Moon Leo

Mercury Capricorn

Venus Aquarius

Mars Taurus

Jupiter Scorpio

Saturn Capricorn

Uranus Leo

Neptune Scorpio

Pluto Virgo

Lilith Taurus

Asc node Libra

*I know astrology doesn't define people but as a guideline I am curious.

Thank you.

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    Be very careful with him. Aquarians are ruled by chaos... and don't think there is an exception alive. They are .. masters of their *own* world, and roam freely, whenever, however, they want. If you don't want something serious, good, but .. just a friendly warning. I hear Aquarians like the legs, ... I'm not sure if all of them do, though. I've yet to meet one who didn't.

    They're very engaging in bed, love to enact crazy positions, make up their own.. their veryyy creative lovers. From a scorpio's mouth: "He's better than any scorpio I've had!" Enjoy it!

    I hear it's some great stuff. Haha. They usually go for eyes/face... but if you can grab their mind, you're theirs. Try and act intelligent... nothing turns them off more than an emotional dimwit. No offense intended, lol, just heard many aquarians I know express how much they hated lack of intellect.

    ** Mars in Taurus makes him a slow lover? The last Taurus I knew, when he made love, he was nothing BUT slow. Passion and Intensity were his middle names... speed was his neighbor.

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    Mars Taurus: He will be a slow lover in bed. Taking forever to feel you up before he thinks about sticking it in. Not good.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Aquarius men are good in bed, but both your sun and moon are in that sign so that means you are very detached emotionally and this could make your lovemaking more acrobatic and less about passion.

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