Desktop loads slowly or not at all?

Using Windows XP.

When I turn on the computer and get to the blue screen where you select which user to use, if I select one too quickly, the background will come up, but the icons and start bar will come up extremely slowly, or not at all. Lately, it's been doing the same thing even if I wait a minute after the blue screen comes up.

I already ran my anti-virus software, and that is not the problem. Any suggestions?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You may have a lot of programs that run at start up. That will significantly slow down your computer. Here is a detailed tutorial that shows how to speed up your computer from start up.

    HAHA the URL is pretty self explanatory.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Are you honestly speaking approximately your computer or the entire techniques within the startup dossier? Has it consistently been this gradual or are you speaking approximately a brand new progress? It boots rapid to the signon monitor given that it has no longer loaded some thing so much but. AFTER you signal appears on your startup dossier which HOPEFULLY includes an antivirus application, feasible different safety program comparable to a firewall. Getting extra Ram might be my first wager to velocity matters up. Have you checked for malware, virus, unneeded techniques jogging within the history on startup comparable to on the spot messaging techniques, MS OFFICE, and many others? Have you ran a defrag, DiskScan? Have you made certain you should not have any CDs/DVDs within the trays? What documents are honestly placed ON your computer? Shortcuts are not any damage however in the event you retailer precise documents at the computer it takes reminiscence to preserve that know-how at all times your laptop is jogging and can gradual it down significantly. Have you attempted turning off your topics or computer photograph?

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