Would you let a 15 year old get a nose piercing?

My eldest daughter wants a nose piercing for her 15th birthday. Normally I would say no, but in all fairness she has wanted one since she was 11. She has said she would only wear a small, tasteful stud in there, and her school allows nose piercings so long as they are studs.

She also has no problems with her part time job as many of the staff have one.

We are fairly conservative and as I said, normally I would just say no. But she is being very mature about it and I guess if it caused any problems in the future she could take it out.

Would you let her if it was your daughter?


I think that is my concern too, that she might go and get it anyway. After 16 she can do it without parental consent, so in a way I'd much prefer to go with her and check out the place myself, look at the cleanliness, etc.

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    HELL NO! If I wouldn't get my nose pierced and I'm an adult that looks at the consequences of my actions, why would I let a naive CHILD do it. Wanted one at 11? I doubt it. That's called peer presser, not knowledge or intelligence on something that mutilates the body.

    BTW, 15 is never "mature." Are you sure YOU aren't the 15 year old that wants a nose piercing? I highly doubt an adult of a 15 year old CHILD would be asking the advice of strangers on YA.

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    You're probably better off allowing like you said and checking the place out, instead of her friends or someone doing it. I really wouldn't let my kids that age do it because I really hate nose piercings, but I'd probably give in too in order to be sure it was done professionally.

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    It would really depend. My 19-year-old sister has a nose ring and a belly button ring. She has had both since about 17, I think. They get infected pretty easily. Her hygiene isn't bad, but she also doesn't probably care for them like she should. So my main concern would be making sure she was prepared to do that. I would also explain to her that it may limit her access to employment in the future...less so than it used to, obviously, but at some point she may want to take it out when she's old like us and wants a really good job. Hopefully, by then, it won't be a big deal. I have no piercings at all myself, because my mom wouldn't let me get them when I wanted them and I eventually when I was allowed, I just didn't want to bother with it anymore. She was a lot more lax with my younger siblings than the older ones (she had two batches of three, and I'm 10-years older than the next after me, the aforementioned 19-year-old).

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    i think so yes. I got mine done when i was probably about 14 or so and I'm 17 now. I got mine done at a piercing place for $25 and it barely hurt (maybe bout as much as getting youre ears would)I've had no problems with it or anything. I do take mine out sometimes.. sometimes for days at a time and it doesnt close up or anything. I think they do look good, and most of the time cute. I usually wear a little round diamond one in mine... really small but still noticable and doesnt look trashy or anything. However, the ones that are giant hoops or whatever just look dumb. But she probably wouldnt like one of them anyways. So yeah I think you should let her get it done, ecspecially since she really wants it done and is being mature about it. And like you said if it causes her aby problems in the future she can just take it out!


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    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! A NOSE RING!!!!!! NO - clearly she will turn into a disfunctional youth, go out of control, truns to drugs, stealing and not long after prostitution.......... OR maybe not.

    Look teenage girls have enough problems with being concerned over their appearance - if this is something she wants - then let her go for it. No bad can come from it.

    And she can always just take it out.

    Honestly if the worst problme you have with your teenage daughter is that she wants a nose piercing - then you've done a good job raising her and have a pretty good kid on your hands - so give her a little leway here....

  • 7 years ago

    As long as she is living under my roof, NO WAY. When she will be 18 and will have her own money, flat, etc... then she will do what she wants. Teenagers always thing they know everything about anything, and I would not want her to regret it later and blame me.

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    If my daughter wanted a nose stud and says the school says it's ok, I would call the school and verify with them first. If they said yes, then I would sit down with my daughter and tell her I appreciate her being very responsible and asking instead of doing it behind my back. Then after a good long conversation with her i'd tell her it's ok with me. As long as her grades in school are good and she pays for it. That way your giving her an incentive to do good and continue to be responsible and honest with you..............

    I hope that helped

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    i say no, but my kid went and did it anyway and got ear stretchers in too and now has big holes in her ears and a nose ring - not the type on the side of the nose -nooo, one through the middle bit like a bull ring. aaaagggghhh kids what do you do with them. oh and the ones on her lip too - think they are called snake bites. she is 17 now.

    you might as well say yes instead of her doing one day and just coming home with it done.

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    Yeah, you should let her as long as she is being mature I don't see the issue.

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes I would. I see nothing wrong with it as long as it's something small and tasteful, nothing big and gaudy though.

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