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Michael Cole gave away something tonight?

Michael Cole and Josh Mathews were talking about The Miz, and Mathews said "Anything else you want to reveal?" Michael Cole said "Not yet" Isn't that weird?

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    They might be ribbing the IWC who have all been saying that Michael Cole is behind the NXT attacks. They are trying to get us talking like this and looking for these clues in his commentary.

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    I'll give Raw a 9. It would be a 10 but Kelly Kelly winning cleanly again just kind of annoyed me. I felt like the WWE was telling us "OK, the boring Cena days are over but we're gonna keep you reminded of it with the girl version." BQ: No there is one WWE Champion. C.M. Punk! BQ2: Of course it will continue. Punk never left and obviously he's with the company seeing as he was in the ring. BQ3: I'm not sure. There are many ways they can go with this. They COULD have Cena vs Punk at Summer Slam and have Punk win. Then Del Rio could come out and cash in, win the title and set up a long term, Punk vs Del Rio feud that will culminate in a championship match at WM 28. That would be a good way to go since Rock/Cena is already set, why not let that match stand alone and have the WWE Championship be a completely separate angle? BQ4: Punk didn't change his theme. At least I sincerely doubt it. I think that was a one time thing. "I'm the cult of personality" It just fits into the current angle with Punk and Cena.

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    Flash forward a few weeks.

    Josh Matthews again asks Michael Cole if he wants to reveal something.

    Cole very quietly admits that he knows he's an incredibly huge tool, validating the way the rest of the planet feels about him.

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    Yup, Michael Cole may be the one behind the NXT invasion.

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  • Cole is probably behind this whole NXT invasion thing, if so this is classic.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    no. he just didnt know what to say. i like josh mattews taking the piss out of him on commentry.

    cole is a puppet for vince. so if cole is behind the NXT attack, then vince is behind cole.

    cole is just not good enough to talk on the mic without someone holding his hand

  • 1 decade ago

    i think michael cole is in on the assult

  • 1 decade ago

    He was the only one at ringside last night that didnt get beat up I think thats because he knew it was coming

  • 1 decade ago

    Yeah, I heard it, I think he is behind something.

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