Has anyone heard angels sing?

I could not sleep last night and was tossing and turning in bed. I heard a very faint choir like sound that sounded like angels singing. It came in and out like a wave and I heard it three times. has anyone else ever heard anything like that?


I am serious. I appriciate serious peoples comments only. And no, I am not on drugs or alcohol, lol.

Update 2:

I know what I heard and thats all that matters to me. I wanted to find out if there were others out there that had the same experience as I did. Bless all of you, even the ones of little faith.

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  • Godboy
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    10 years ago
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    I have seen an angel. I am always glad to hear from others who have been contacted. That's really beautiful. God bless you sister. No I haven't heard the choir, you must be special in some way

  • hamish
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    3 years ago

    Real Angel Singing

  • 4 years ago

    I was asleep the other night, don't know what I was dreaming before hand but I remember the dream getting this bright and I mean Bright white/yellow light and I saw what I guess were angels with trumpets (they looked like the statue of David kind of) but they were singing and it was LOUD. SO loud it hurt my ears. I woke up scared and confused and have been on the internet reading other similar experiences. I'm glad I'm not alone in this but I wish I could figure out what it meant. I'm still a bit shaken by it.

  • 5 years ago

    I. Did this morning. I was in a deep sleep and I was trying to wake up( sort of like sleep paralysis) but I couldn't . All of I sudden in my right ear I heard a three part harmony of women voices singing Jesus be a fence and I didn't want to get up. This is not my first time hearing music when I'm asleep. Sometimes I hear songs I never heard of and when I try to remember them I can't. But today was i different. I try to tell my friends but they think I'm crazy. After the little harmony , I heard a choir join in and it wasn't the original song. The choir was in my left ear and the three Angels were still singing in my right and it was so beautiful (I'm tearing up as I wrote this) I'm not sure what it is but it's truly a blessing because I couldn't even wake up scared . I'm not sure why I hear music but at first it creeped me out but now every time I hear it in forcing myself to try to remember. This only happens once in awhile though

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  • 3 years ago

    i m not a good story teller but yes i heard angels singing.that was year 2014 when i was in the hospital for an annual check-up required by our Office.. i feel fainted that time, i closed my eyes and before i lost my consciousness ,i saw a heaven like place, i m not sure if it is heaven (since i have not seen heaven before) but is an all white place, the feeling is different because during that time all i feel is happiness..worry free.. i dont know if that s the best words to describe the feeling.. its indescribable, i m just walking slowly then upon walking the clouds ( i think its clouds since its white but not a cotton like) seems to have a dazzling light from above and i heard that beautiful choir sound like from above ..like thousand of angels are singing, very angelic voices, very calming music/harmony, unwordly sound.. i could not explain but never in my entire life i hear that kind beautiful harmony..seems that the harmony is unwordly saying that "it s ok, just take a rest for a while" then i lost my consciousness then i just woke lying already in the hospital bed.. its different from what i heard in the church or radio, i could not explain but it is the most beautiful harmony ive ever heard.. i did not tell anyone about this even my husband because im afraid they might not believe me, i made some research yesterday in the internet about what i ve heard, does everyone feel painted heard that kind of sound? and i m very happy that im not the only heard the angels choir singing in different instances, some during their near death experience, some in the middle of their sleep, etc..so i got guts to tell my husband last night.. Angels are with us.. Angels do exists.. Angels are real..

  • I actually have a tattoo to commemorate the time I heard angels singing!!!!..I have Matt 7:7 on my left shoulder with a sacred heart!!..I drew it myself even...Just so it would be more special to God!.. It was sooooo odd!!!...I mean I was in my bedroom...The window was open...and I heard them!!!!!..And I was soooo confused as to what was going on! I had to press my ear up to the open window to make sure it wasn't coming from outside!??...It seemed to be coming from the light in my room...And it REALLY made no sense at the time!!!...But then I went through something really horrible! I MEAN REALLY, REALLY HORRIBLE!! Worst thing that's happened in my life....And when I figured out what was going on I felt so empty!!!!...Like everything I cherish about myself had been just torn out of me by force..with nobody saying sorry! Just more humiliation!!...I was just COMPLETELY empty and living with terror for a long time!...I wanted to kill myself and I was VERY, VERY scared.!!..I only had one friend that "sort of" understood what I was going through...My family just marked me off as "crazy"! They're wonderful but they didn't watch what was going on!..But then for some reason when I found out what happened to me... I remembered the angels singing! And it all made sense!!! It was like God sent me a message knowing I would find it VERY, VERY important at the end of my journey...!!! The angels song saved me...What a great post!!! Thanks!!!

  • 6 years ago

    I saw angels when I was 16 and heard this extremely beautiful music coming from them. My mother heard what she thought was someone turning on a radio during turbulence on an airplane when the plane dropped about 5 feet. She thought, it was a radio then after the plane righted itself she looked around and no more music.....Yes, I believe there is music everywhere we just can't always hear it, just like we can only see about 20% of the light around us. Keep listening.......

  • 5 years ago

    Yes ,and I m glad I am not alone .There are what seems to hundreds of thousands of them singing together .The first time was about 22 years ago,I heard the words clearly ,We re going to the city ,the city of gold ... That experience never came back until about 4 months ago ,now I can t make out any words clearly ,but it seems like there s hundreds of thousands singing the,same song and the notes are too beautiful to be human .

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Listen to Beethoven's 9th Symphony the chorus....the closest thing I've ever heard to angels coming down from heaven.

  • sankar
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    3 years ago

    seem up temporal lobe seizures, human beings have heard angels making a music, previous songs from their log cabins in eire and the voice of "God". while given important tranquilizerrs like Haldol, they give up. Uh-oh. you have gotten only attributed an difficulty-loose hallucination (clicking or whirring noises on your inner ear canal out of your vestibular muscular tissues contracting) and attributed it to angels (because you only prayed). that's the psychological rationalization. yet you could characteristic that making a music to regardless of you wanted. Why do not African infants death of aids hear angels making a music while they ask God approximately why they are going to die?

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