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SuperShort Survey: Did you look up to a MLB player...?

So this is about not when you were only about 5 or 6. More like 8+. When you fully understood the game.

1. Did you look up to a MLB player when you were younger?

---if you said yes---

2. Who?

3. Why?

4. How old were you?

5. Did they leave your team? How (trade, free agent, etc.)? How did you react?

6. Are they active? If so, what team?

7. ***optional. Don't answer if you don't want to: What season did you start looking up to then?


if you said no to #1

2. Did you have a different idol? Who?

3. Who was your favorite player then?

4. How did your favorite team do back then? Were they a talented team? Or did they struggle?


When I was 11, I ADORED Coco Crisp. I was playing softball and I was CF that year, so I decided I would learn how field by watching him. Then I went to my 1st Red Sox game when they were in Oakland that year and he played. But then we traded him for Ramon Ramirez, and I was SUPER sad. I never thought we'd just send Coco away like that...

Update 2:

I liked Coco Crisp in 2006 some. 2007 more, and then start of 2008 a TON. It was hard last season to watch 2009 without him.

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    1. Yes

    2. Nomar Garciaparra

    3. I had started in Little League a couple years earlier and my dad explained the whole game of baseball to me and took me to my 1st game.. Nomar was already hugely popular with Sox fans and I just adored him - the routine he does between every pitch, the effort he always gave, his talent and personality. I wanted to be him more than anything in the world. My whole class at school was obsessed with him, he was our idol - after he and Mia Hamm got married there was a rumor they were moving to a house right next to our school and we were SO excited, thinking he could like help out during our PE class when we played baseball! (but when I met him I asked him, and it was never true lol)

    4. I was about 8 when I first heard of Nomar.

    5. Traded in summer of 2004. I was in Italy with my sister and mom, we were driving back to my aunt's apartment in Milan. My mom handed the cell phone to me and I could barely hear my dad, but he told me that Nomar was gone. Eventually I came to understand that it was the right move - he was unhappy and bringing down the rest of the team, and he just had to go - it was for the best. But I was heartbroken that day and for a long while afterward. Not even yummy Italian gelato could cheer me up =(

    6. He retired a few months ago after signing a 1-day deal w/ the Sox so he could retire with them, which made me really happy when I read it, and then they had Nomar Day a month or 2 ago. Despite all that happened between him and the organization I was so glad they were able to put it past them and that he "officially" started and ended his career with the Sox. This sounds so corny but I got all emotional listening to an interview with him on WEEI on Nomar Day. It just brought me back to those days, remembering the good times. Nomar may have gone through some rough times w/ the franchise and did things when he was upset that alienated some fans but he will always be my first favorite player and I will always love the guy.

    7. Around 2000.

    Great question! =)

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    1. Yes

    2. David Eckstein

    3. Eck has a knack of getting the important hit and turning nothing into something, whether it was fielding or hitting

    4. still a big fan

    5. Eckstein signed with the Toronto Blue Jays after the 2007 season through free agency and left the St. Louis Cardinals. I wasn't happy and didn't understand why the Cardinals let go such a scrappy, efficient player. But now he's with the San Diego Padres (I live in San Diego County) and I can watch him play whenever I want, but I'd rather him be with the Cardinals.

    6. He is now the starting second baseman for the San Diego Padres, even though he started at shortstop for every other team he's played for.

    7. I started looking up to him when he signed with the St. Louis Cardinals before the 2005 season

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  • I'm still relativly young (15) so I'll give you a good answer...

    1. Not Really, but kind of... I didn't call him my idol or anything

    2. Brandon Inge

    3. He has stuck with the team through tough times (2003) and good times (2006)

    4. Probably started when I was 11

    5. Not yet (matter of time the way he's playing though)

    6. Still the Tigers!

    7. The 2003 season when the Tigers went 53-119

    I kinda said no, so I'll answer the other 3 too...

    2. Kind of again... my brother

    3. Favorite player was Brandon Inge

    4. The Tigers went 53-119 (yikes!) and I think my brothers team went something like .500 or so.

    Good Question!

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    1. Yes, absolutely.

    2. Tony Conigliaro of teh Boston Red Sox.

    3. He was a local boy who became an amazing hitter. He hit a home run in his first major league at bat. My brother Bill had met him several times.

    4. I was 9, going on 10 when his career with the Red Sox began.

    5. He left the Sox 3 times. In 1967 he was hit by a Jack Hamilton fast ball and severely wounded. Next, he managed a comeback, and was subsequently traded to the Angels. Finally, in 1975 he attempted to come back, and when that attempt failed he retired from MLB.

    6. Sadly, Tony C passed away in 1990 due to complications, including pneumonia, from heart disease.

    7. As I said above, I looked up to him because he was a local boy who made good. He was in the Lynn Item (newspaper) all the time for what he did at St. Mary's HS. He also made time for kids. One of my most treasured posessions is an autographed picture of Tony C that I got at a Boy Scout event.

    He was having an amazing season in the Impossible Dream season of 1967 and I can only imagine the difference if the Hamilton pitch had not hit him. Would that have broken the "curse" 37 years before teh '04 Sox won. He was part of establishing the Red Sox as a consistently good team. Prior to 1967, the Sox were closer to pitiful than good.

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    1. YES

    2. Curt Schilling and Randy Johnson

    3. Dominating pitchers in the 2001 world series!!

    4. I was 6, so what i understood the game.

    5. Yes, Schilling left the Diamondbacks for the Red Soxs. I was never really, a D-backs fan expect for the 01 seasons, mostly because i didn't watch baseball much. Now im a DIE HARD red soxs fan.

    6. Curt Schilling is Retired. Randy Johnson Retired last season.

    7. 2001 season, just started watching them. Always tried to imitate their moves on the mound, and even Randy's hit in the 2001 world series. When they beat the Yankees :D

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  • Susan
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    Teams! (sorry if i don't list your team. it would be too long to do ALL the teams) 1. Orioles Cal Ripken, Jr. 2. Angels Wally Joyner 3. Red Sox Carl Yastremski 4. Tigers Al Kaline 5. Brewers Robin Yount 6. Yankees Babe Ruth 7. Rangers Nolan Ryan 8. Phillies mind drew blank 9. Mets Tom Seaver ------------ Descriptions! 1. Lightning fast Julio Cruz 2. Former Madonna-lover (hahahaha) A-Rod 3. Underrated 4. Fat, like REALLY fat A. Lopez 5. has had a great career but will retire soon 6. Quality pitching cy Young 7. Hilarious member of your team, great personality. Smokes ~I hope this wasn't too long but was fun :D 5 hours ago - 4 days left to answer. Additional Details **For descriptions, it doesn't have to be a player from your team, except for the last one

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    2- Dwight Evans

    3- I remember going to my first game at Fenway and watched him gun down a runner at the plate from about 300+ feet from right field on one hop.

    4- 7 or 8

    5- Evans left the team after the 1990 season and played one last year in Baltimore after the Sox didn't give him a 1 year deal to play another season.

    6- I wish

    7- 1984

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  • Anonymous
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    1. Yes

    2. Brian Giles

    3. He was the best Pirates player when he played for them. He hit 39 homers in his first season with them.

    4. I was 9 years old.

    5. Yep. In 2003, the Pirates swapped him to the Padres for Jason Bay and Oliver Perez. I was very sad, but Jason Bay filled in pretty good for him, until he was traded too. :(

    6. He actually just retired this year.

    7. 1999, in his first season with the Bucs. He instantly became my favorite player.

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  • cat :)
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    1. Yes - Cleveland Indians

    2. Jim Thome mainly, but also Manny Ramirez

    3. They were the best players and most exciting for me to watch

    4. 6-8 years old until I moved states

    5. Eventually, but I didn't really react

    6. Yes, Thome is on the Sox, Manny on the Dodgers

    Currently, I still like Jim Thome...Manny Ramirez, not so much.

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    1.Yes, and I still do.

    2.Kevin Seitzer

    3.Because I like the way he played.

    4.I was 12 then, and I'm 33 now.

    5.Yes, he was waived by the Royals, and picked up by the Brewers, who then became my favorite team.

    6.He retired after the 1997 season, and is now the hitting coach for the Royals.

    7.1987 (His Rookie season)

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