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Why does my new HD LCD TV plays DVD's in black & white?

I purchased a new Samsung LCD Tv the other day and hooked it to my old LG DVD Player however it plays the dvd's in black and white. I've tried about everything to try to fix it. Now I'm not a real technical person but I'm pretty sure it's connected correctly.

I´ve got the component cables (Red, White and Yellow). They are definitely connected correctly at the back of the dvd player however the connectors at the back of the TV have different colours. It has red and white for sound which is fine (the sound is good) however there is no yellow plug but the picture comes on when I put it into the blue port (but in black & white). I've tried all the plugs and nothing works. I've also tried to adjust the settings on the TV and DVD player but they all seem correct.

Any ideas what might be causing it?

(Yes all the cables are tight and pins don't seem to be bent. They worked fine on my old analogue tv)

Thanks in advance!

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    In order to have video that way, you need 5 wires connected, red/white for sound and 3 wires in the componet spot, I think they are green, black and blue. If you don't have that cable, you can use a red/white/yellow cable in that spot. Just make sure you match the colors on the dvd and tv. An easier way is an s video cable from the dvd player to the tv. Just one connection

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    4 years ago

    Its a simple retuning matter. You have two picture settings for any input, one in monochrome or black and white and the other is the full colour picture. Manually re-tune the monitor and hey presto stunning picture. It happens quite a lot on new equipment being introduced to previously held settings.

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