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What's the best endurance bike to travel the world with?

Me & my friend are looking to travel the world on motorcycles. Lucky for us I have a business that generates residual income so we could be gone for over a year.

We want to do it on motorcycles mainly because we're going to be going through deserts, jungles, cities, mountains - anywhere n everywhere we can get to.

Other than the freedom of a motorcycle, there is also the cost of running one - (which I'm assuming is cheaper than running a car).

I'm looking to find out which bike would be the best to purchase. It needs to be robust, durable and comfortable for the long road trips, but also easily maneuverable, light and agile for traveling through jungle environments, rocky hills and sandy deserts.

Basically we're after some all-singing all-dancing motorcross bike, that's more than just a crosser, but not a fully fledged cruise bike - if that makes sense?

Any help would be great, I'm not clued up on bike brands and models!


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  • Tim D
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    I would suggest something that is rugged and capable across rough ground – but has to be mechanically simple so that a bush mechanic could fix it – therefore I would avoid a BMW GS or KTM Adventure and go with a Yamaha XT600/660 – very basic air-cooled single (or similar).

    They can carry enough kit, are comfortable and capable – get some aluminium cases and extra large tanks fitted.

    Of course you can ride anything Nick Sanders rode an R1 around the world in record time in a unsupported expedition – but nobody would recommend that.


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  • 1 decade ago

    Every model has it's strong points, but lag in others.

    The Kawasaki KLR650 is an all around bike, good in all conditions.


    Youtube thumbnail


    There are a lot of articles and reviews on the web about the KLR650

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I would choose a BMW GS series like these chaps did. You may want to have a look if you are not familiar with their exploits.

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