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Is this cage big enough for two ferrets?

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    I'm sorry to be so blunt, but the 1st 3 answers are wrong!!!! Very, very, very wrong!!!!!!!!! Yes, that cage is way too small for even one ferret, let alone 2! This cage is an appropriate size for 1-3 ferrets: http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jsp?productI...

    I'm not saying buy that one-it isn't a horrible price for a ferret cage new, but that is about the size you should be looking for! I gave it to you for size reference! I had 4 ferrets growing up and their cages were bigger than that-2 lived in one and they were hhappy, but that is a great size. The one you showed is way to small! They are active animaals who LOVE climbing! 1 ferret would be miserable in that cage-very crowded- so 2 would be horribly miserable and crowded-trust me!!!!!

    These are good on ebay:



    and quite a few others when I typed in ferret cage! People on there will do anything to sell a cage, including misleading customers, just like petstores! Some cages out there that say they're for ferrets are actually torture chambers, sucking the life out of normally very spunky, loving, hyper, fun animals! PLEASE don't get that cage! You're going to end up spending at least a $100 for an appropriaate cage, but its necasssary. I'm sorry, but that cage is just not good for them! My email is kc_44731@yahoo.com if you want to ask me anything personally thats ferret related! Good luck:)

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    No, that cage isn't sufficiently super for 2 ferrets. for my area that is particularly sufficiently super for the rabbits. Ferrets are very lively animals and choose a minimum of two times as plenty area as that for one, not to show 2. and that they choose extra advantageous than 3 hours an afternoon exterior of the cage. Ferret united states of america sells some very sturdy cages that are with regard to the wonderful length.

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    I don't think so. I would try to get at least a two story cage and try to let the ferrets outside of their cage for at least 15minutes three times a day.

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    look in your local paper, you could find a good buy, call up thrift stores because they may have one.if you live in Pasco County Florida I could give you one

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    it depends what size the ferrets are x

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    could be

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