Is it wrong to believe in God but not Religion?


I know for a fact I believe in God but i'm beginning to question things when it comes down to religion and some religious groups motives & rules.

Update 2:

Just because i possibly dont believe in religion doesnt mean that I dont still follow any of God's work/word or what he says in the bible. Correct me if i'm mistaken but i dont believe the bible says you have to be in a particular religious group to believe in him nor go to church in order to believe in him or praise him.

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    no nothing wrong with it. your like me, i believe in God completely, i have trust in him, i pray to him when things go wrong or when im scared, and i thank him when things go right. i believe in heaven and hell and you should do good deeds to other humans and be peaceful so you can get into heaven and i believe in karma. but i dont believe in all this religious stuff, which was made by man, religion causes war/arguements and is just too stressfull

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    Of course not. I know God to exist, but I hate the concept of religion. The problem is that a lot of religions are used to create fear on for control. And yes, there are aspects of truth in most religions, but there is also an awful lot of ridiculous concepts. At the end of the day, we are all free to believe exactly what we want to believe. We can believe what ever we want to. Nothing is wrong. But I always believe what I see and look for the truth of the universe and how things really work. It does help being spiritually open and having spirit there to guide. Its only natural to question things. I thought there was absolutely no way God could possibly exist, with the state that the earth is in, any did I get a shock! We make assumptions when we dont fully understand the reasoning behind. The best way is just to stay open minded until we discover the truth :)

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    That's the more logical choice. Something made us but but a jackasss that would put his own children in an eternity of flaming hell when he was the one who created it so he can destroy it and when he built the brains of his children so he would know how they would think things through and choose a different belief rather than him. How fu3ked up is that? Whoever eventide such a religion is a psychopath. But I like good morals and believe something created us, but not necessarily a religious version that watches over us 24/7 and judges us. Maybe just a metaphor for the big bang or so on.

    Agnostic all the way! How are we suppose to know what the absolute truth is? But Spirituality is awesome, whoot whoot!!!

    Kwaheri :)

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    4 years ago

    One could have faith and in basic terms in the Almighty. The religions attempt to emphasis that the Almighty became he first and the comparable is she now. So extra desirable be little far off from it. in recent times incredibly in India the distant places money flows to occupy even cultivable land and build religions prayer places. the government officers save their eyes close and supply permission without even verifying although if or not they're real or not. Many situations of distasteful issues are suggested daily accompanied by potential of arrests too. So their purpose isn't the sanctity yet some how occupy the land of different united states which the very comparable united states as quickly as advised them to stop India. Now we are welcoming the comparable team in another call i.e. faith, i.e. the grimy faith. some religions pontificate that don't soreness your self collectively as worshiping the Almighty. Will any God pontificate wreck the extensive component of cultivable land and build a worshiping place? there became no different place available to them. government officers who sanction this have no norms. Corrupt invites corrupt.

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    If you are smart enough to understand that any religion is bogus why would you believe in god. In fact what is god? You can't apply knowledge about god that you acquired from religion as it is full of lies (as I am sure you understand). So tell what is god, who is he, is it he? You see you can't answer any of those questions. You say "I believe in god" but everything that you know about god comes from a tainted source, religion. Take away what the religion has told you and you are left with nothing, even the word god comes from the the religion. When you say you believe in god what does it even mean? Christian god is a man with long beard who is angry. Allah is everything and nothing, doesn't have an image. But what is your god? You will probably say its jut energy that holds everything together, well the force that keeps everything together is called gravity. Also there is weak force, also there is strong force, they are real things. Perhaps you can call a physical force "god" but thats pointless. You see my point? Without religion telling you (people telling you) what God IS you don't have a bloody glue what the hell the word "god" means.

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    To put it simply, one of my favorite sayings is, "God, save me from your followers"

    I think believing in God is a good thing. But organized religion, is an atrocity. Find peace in your relationship with God. Don't listen to what people with an ulterior motive want you to believe.


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    Absolutely not. Religion has misrepresented God for centuries. Religion is soon to be brought to an end but God remains forever.

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    Actually religion is what most prophets were against. They were for worshipping God, but not following religion.

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    1 decade ago

    Religions come in all forms and shapes. Many are pagan, many are christendom.

    God does not recognize those false religions. So, it is for your very well being to believe in Jehovah God.

    For those who want to know why God is Jehovah, it's in the Bible.

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    1 decade ago

    if you need the comfort of thinking something exists before you go to sleep, then go for it

    most people don't buy into religion anymore anyways,

    they're starting to realize it's just a brainwashing scheme to try and control the masses

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