What sort of Prime Minister would Julia Gillard be and why?

After a tumultuous couple of weeks, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd will put his leadership to the vote in caucus today. Joining him on the leadership ballot is Australian Deputy Prime Minister, Julia Gillard.

Should Julia Gillard win the majority of the votes of the Labor Party, she will become Australia’s first female Prime Minister! We’d like to know what sort of Prime Minister you think she’d be and your reasons.

For all the latest on the Labor Party leadership battle, check out Yahoo!7 News: http://au.news.yahoo.com/a/-/newshome/7450521/rudd...


Update: Julia Gillard was elected unopposed to Australia's top roughly 15 minutes ago.

She becomes Australia's 27th and first female Prime Minister!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Good luck to Gillard for taking over the helm of the inept Labour Government; I don't really care about the Prime Minister's gender (or Guinness Book history making), I just want the Government to knuckle down and do its appointed job. It would be difficult for her to do a worse job than Rudd. I damned hope that she will be better than just a novel fad. What should be remembered is that the rest of the Labour Government is still the same Labour Government that backed Rudd, regardless of any reshuffling or change of leadership. This was obviously a move to secure Labour Government survival at the next general election. I guess this is another Labour Party first - but how will they trump themselves? What next? A Gay Aboriginal Prime Minister?

    Gillard govern your Labour Government, stop smoke screening & do your bloody job, because if you buggers continue to run down Howard's economic surplus, you'll find that the Australian electorate is fickle!

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    1 decade ago

    yay how cool is that; a female ruling the nation yay

    i think she was a great deputy prime minister in the area of education. i dont think any deputy prime minister can take over her spot. i want her to be deputy and the PM.

    i dint mind kevin rudd as PM, they made a pretty good team. Kevin Rudd saved us from a national recession but people didnt acknowledge that enough they just looked at the bad things that happened when he was in power. it made me sad that he is no longer Prime minister, he was way better then John howard.

    But i think Julia Gillard will do a great job at the Prime minister. im gonna vote for her anyway. i dont completly agree with her not allowing as many refugees in though, i think Kevin Rudds proposal to allow a bigger Australia was better because there r so many people out their that seek to Australia for help and possibly a destination because they fear of been killed in their old country and they are just going to be sent back. But then again the Liberal party are completly against refugees.

    but other then that while Julia Gillard was the Deputy prime minister i was really amased at her speaking ability so i think she will do a good job overall. I wish her well.


  • 1 decade ago

    Personally, I believe she will be no better then Kevin Rudd. She's still on the same team. Its the same product, just a different sales person. It's funny to see how the labour party jump at the chance to change prime minister just before election, is this just so they can stay on top for the election in a few months?

    Well I'm hoping as that the first female prime minister in Australia, Julia Gillard will do us proud.

    We'll see. xxxx

  • 1 decade ago

    I don't think it's fair at all that Julia Gillard is now the pm.

    the PEOPLE voted for kevin rudd, and so the PEOPLE should make him go.

    I believe the labour party will regret their decision.

    I don't know what sort of prime minister she'll be, because I don't think she fits the prime minister's position at all.

    Even though Kevin Rudd has made quite a few mistakes, our country is still not in COMPLETE turmoil. I'm not sure Julia Gillard can keep this country running up to standard.

    Do you?

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  • 1 decade ago

    Both Kevin and Julia is doing a good job. Firstly, no one can blame the insulation death on the Government; it's a great rebate policy, unfortuanetly, unethical contractor committed crime. And the economy package was good to keep Australia in a fair and healthy zone. Again, some people, took advanatge on some policy.....

    Kevin is a good leader, but he may have been too aggresive, but still, he should be given the chance to negotiate the mining deal. The mining tax is a brilliant idea, and it's based super tax (tax on if they have extra super profit), and this is only fair. However, Kevin, should have sit down and respect the giant industry player, and negotiated the deal, instead acted too aggressive.

    On the other hand, Julia may have her own very good reason to as why she took over the PM role. Anyhow, I see Julia as good as Kevin and I believe she will be a better person for and as PM. She is warm and calm type of character. I am seeing her as a good leader, and trust she can achieve a good balance deal for the mining giant and for the Australia people for a fair share.

    Give Julia a chance, she can do the job. And Labor had been doing a very well job by helping the penssioner, the health reform ...etc. They really are doing their best for Australia. I will vote for labor and support Julia. Equally, if Kevin still around as PM, I will support him too.

    It's a unfornately event, Kevin have to stood down. Nevertheless, we have to respect the event took place perhaps for a good reason. Count ourselve lucky, at least, Julia is a good leader, and passsionate for the best interest for the peoples!!!


  • 1 decade ago

    To anyone that thinks it was unfair / wrong / undemocratic et al what happened to Kevin Rudd. News Flash!!! It's better than the American system, where the only way to get their leader out of the White House is to shoot them!

    Personally, I didn't care one way or the other whether Kev stayed in as Prime Minister, or whether Julia Gillard got the job. Just as long as the Mad Monk DOESN'T EVER BECOME PRIME MINISTER!!!! For those that think Gillard is a closet communist... Abbot's views are bordering on facist! The Mad Monk would recind the right to an abortion given half the chance. He'd have women bare-foot and pregnant in the kitchen. And I have indelibly etched in my retinas him in budgie smugglers. Aaaaaaarggghhh. Things you don't need to know about politicians!!!

    For one... I find this question offensive. What does it matter what a politicians gender is? All this brew ha ha about our FIRST female Prime Minister. What next? Our first GAY Prime Minister? Our first AUSTRALIAN Prime Minister (and I mean Koori... not us white fellas!!!). Pointing out her gender (which is obvious!) is discriminating against her. I find Barack Obama's epithet of Black President equally offensive. Julia Gillard is our 27th Prime Minister. That's it!

    What matters is whether or not Julia Gillard is a good, strong, benevolent leader. I pray that she is. I pray that she has the support (both within the Party and at home) that she will need to lead our country out of the quagmire and forward into prosperity.

    I don't vote... so I can't say anything about the Labor Party or the Liberal Party. But I wish her well.

  • 1 decade ago

    It just shows how backwards we are, we only vote in the way of gender and race. How many other countries have had female Prime Ministers or Presidents before us? So many.

    What is the big deal, she like all the rest of them is a politician, she might be good but give it time and we will tell. I don't trust any politician because they can be bought and they tend to do it when they get the best deal and we fail.

    Just like with the IMF both parties were behind that scheme, even when we were in an eeconomic downturn. So many of the liberal and labor policies look the same it isn't funny, POLICIY is the only thing that should matter, I say PISS OFF Conroy and in with Landy, NO MORE internet filter. This is what I want brought up.

    Edit: An accent and clothes mean more to idiot Australians than the parliments own policy. Australians have to be up there with Americans in the idiot department.

  • 1 decade ago

    As a traditional labour voter I did not vote for Ms Gillard and I am unlikely to vote for her in any upcoming election. I dislike the way this position was taken, yes I know its part of our political system however as a voter I prefer the term to be fulfilled by the person and party I elected unless they are doing something criminally wrong for which they are arrested and charged. I am not partically a fan of Mr Rudds, Im not a particular fan of either major political parties and I ahve avoid swinging to another party over the years because I do not think the minor parties have the ability to run the country or do much more than deal with their own agendas. That doesn't leave me with much of a choice and this worries me a great deal. Ms Gillard, you have a very short time to prove what you can do for the Australian people if you want to get their votes, for me its about what will you do for me, my family and the issues I am most worried about Education and Health.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    My name is P a u l i n a M

    Will this get on television

    Firstly to those who think they actually vote for a particular person: You don't. You voted for a political party, being Labor, who in turn elect their leader. It is the parties choice who leads them. They are not elected directly by the public. Never have been, never will be under the current Constitution.

    Now with that in mind all this rubbish about "I did not vote for Julia Gillard" is a moot point. Irrelevant.

    I believe, not that I actually voted for Labor at the last election, that the person they voted to lead their party at the last election, Kevin Rudd, did actually do for the most an exceptional job. If there was the turmoil that exists in the current opposition whilst the finances of the world went into self induced panic mode, Australia would certainly be up the proverbial without a paddle.

    I do also believe that many people do not realise and take for granted all the policies that were introduced by the Labor government under Mr. Rudd and are great for the country going forward. Where I feel Mr. Rudd failed was in his approach to some of the policies he tried to introduce but did not give them due diligence and rushed into things without correct consultation.

    In relation to the actual question, I feel that it is a change that was needed. She will breathe some life into the political scene and give a unique perspective, a perspective previously unknown in this country. Now I am all for change as change is one constant we cannot escape, as long as that change is for the greater good, which I think this will be going forward.

    Good on you Ms. Gillard for having the guts to stand up and have a go, where she felt were some failings by her party. I just hope in the interest of the Aussie Spirit, she is given a fair go.

  • 1 decade ago

    I believe that we the Australian public are more than capable of assessing Julia Gillard's role as a key player in the management team that has mismanaged so much over the past few years.

    This key team speaks of getting a fair share of our resources from the mining industry,

    What about we Australians get a fair share in the management of another of our resources CASH!

    This key team mismanaged my fellow Australians shared resource - MONEY

    This key team spent $38Million advertising against the mining industry, an action which defied their own policy.

    This key team spent millions in the Insulation Industry, implementing the scheme poorly, very poorly, and then failed to acted quickly when people were dying - They have ruined the insulation industry

    This key team who spent millions on the school's building project, threw our cash around and bungled the management yet again.

    I hold the team of Rudd, Gillard and Swan accountable. I want answers and I want big changes to a poor management team.....otherwise I will not be voting for Julia

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