I need a list of dark,twisted,but romantic sounding pen names, also some deep and meaningful quotes (original)?

1. I need a pen name for my novels and my band, but I don't want to use different ones.


Andy Six

Nikki Sixx

Johnny Malice

My name is Ashley Richmond and I am a 16 years old punk emo chick who always wears a heart on her sleeve. A die hard romantic. But my mind is very morbid and twisted up.

2. I'd also like a list of deep and meaningful quotes. Sad quotes/twisted quotes/romantic quotes/ect.

But I don't want to use ones that have been in other books or movies...

3. and if it isn't too much trouble, could you make a list of really twisted and dark words





Thank you!


Hahahahaha -_- I KNOW! BUT IT'S CALLED WRITERS BLOCK! and it sucks. I can't think of any good pen names or quotes T-T I am creative but I feel so limited right now . . . too much going on

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    It's called creativity -- try it!!!...

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    1. Pen Names

    Lucretia Ream

    Mai Rees

    Rowan Inkwell

    Wren Trocar

    Phaedra Gallow

    Teshra Gotham

    Feel free to mix and match


    "Sometimes, a woman needs a man in her life, no matter how useless he is"

    I don't have any others, sorry.

    3. Dark Words












    Good Luck!

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  • 4 years ago

    I'd say... - "Stakes Is High" by De La Soul. Great beat by the late, great J Dilla (aka - Jay Dee) and great lyrics that actually mean something and still ring true today. Addresses the decline in the quality of hip hop music and culture as well as social ills. - "Hey Young World" by Slick Rick. Classic song in which Slick Rick gives advice to the younger generation, kinda like a big brother or more so, a man who's matured and learned from his experiences. - "Mr. N***a" by Mos Def. The song is an all-out assault on racism, touching on various instances of discrimination and injustice. - "A Song for Assata" by Common feat. Cee Lo. A song about the true story of the wrongful conviction, imprisonment and escape of Assata Shakur. - "Get By" by Talib Kweli. A song that takes a deep look at personal struggle and society's ills. - "Love's Gonna Get'Cha (Material Love)" by Boogie Down Productions. BDP touches on the dangers and pitfalls of materialism in the form of a story about a boy who gets caught up in the drug game. And as for the more underground stuff... - "Blood Is Thicker Than Oil" by Kaze. A song that launches a full-on verbal attack on the Bush Administration and the war in Iraq. - "Should've Been Here" by Kaze. A personal, heartfelt song dedicated to Kaze's late mother and the child that he lost. - "The Rain Comes Down" by Jean Grae. A very personal song about the fear, pain and regrets of a young woman who has an abortion. - "All For You" by Little Brother. A personal song about one emcee meeting the father he never knew and the other emcee trying to be a father to his own children.

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  • 1.Rose Hart

    Darcy Morbid

    Lana Twister

    2."The knife was the killer, love the motivation." (I made this one up, that's why it sucks) I don't know any quotes not used in a book or movie.







    Nero was a Roman emperor, so there are no synonyms for his name.

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